any experience of MCS?

  puma22 20:52 13 Feb 2009

I'm looking for a tablet PC and really like the dell (but not the price!). I have stumbled across this site click here Thinking about the old adage that 'if it is too good to be true it usually is', the price of the laptops here, refurbished, is about 1 third. I've tried a search and cannot find any neative comments, does anyone have any experience?

  Forum Editor 23:03 13 Feb 2009

that none of the prices shown on the site include VAT. Add another 15% to them and I don't think they are unusually cheap for refurbished stock.

  puma22 20:07 16 Feb 2009

Dear FE
thank you for the helpful advice.

Can anyone recommend a refurbish site to buy a Dell XT tablet? The new version at over £1500 is way out of my price range.

  Why wont it work 11:46 17 Feb 2009

I have bought a Dell Precision T3400, an Optiplex 330 and a XPS 1530 from They have been really good. The Precision came with a noisey power supply and a new one was sent out very quickly. They didn't even ask for the old one back.

The XPS came a little battered though (due to the carrier); BUT it had a three year next day warranty and most of the problems have now been solved. (In fact they all would be if it wasn't for the fact I have been away so they haven't been able to fix it). MCS were very good and quick at getting all the warranty information etc for me though and I have been most pleased with them. I would certainly buy from them again.

(And no, before someone suggests it I don't work for them).

  puma22 13:39 21 Feb 2009

Thanks Why wont it work.

The advice is really helpful. My main worry was that the aftersales would not be that good so you have reassured me here. Can I ask what condition the computers were in? Did they look 'second hand'?

  Why wont it work 13:58 21 Feb 2009

Yes, the aftersales has been good. The pcs are 'reburbished' which means that there may be some cosmetic blemishs- although nothing serious I would have thought. Mine came as follows:

Optiplex 330- generally very good condition, a long scratch at the back (but you can't see around the back of the pc anyway!). Internally was very clean and worked perfectly.

Precision T3400- perfect condition. PSU was loud and they replaced it very quickly.

XPS M1530- generally okay, as I said I think the courier must have smacked it up a bit. But it's all being sorted so I'm happy on that front.

Hope that helps.

  puma22 16:37 21 Feb 2009

Why wont it work,
It helps a lot, thanks! The laptop I'm looking for is the XT tablet and it costs around £12-1500 on the dell site, with MCS offering them at around £5-600, one hell of a difference on price.

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