Any experience Amazon + buying from other sellers

  woodbexhill 09:21 22 May 2005


I'm looking to buy a DSLR for my photography needs and noticed that pc world were selling the canon eos d300 for £500.

Anyway, I was loooking around for other prices to see how much it sells for with other retailers, and came across this page:

click here

I'm not sure the link will work, but if it doesn't, it's basically several people selling the camera for extremely reduced prices (£150, 200, 230 etc.), and they are apparently new, boxed, and sealed. Now, I'm very interested in buying one obviously, but I don't want to get ripped off by a scam. Does anyone have any experience with this, or does anyone know how they can sell this camera for such a reduced price?


  mbp 09:41 22 May 2005

These are only Resellers using Amazon as the intermediary. Personally I do not understand how anyone can sell goods at so much below the regular price and I am extremely wary. However, look at the rating of the seller, and email the seller and get any further facts that you may be concerned about, like warranties, after sales service, authenticity, and so on. If you are happy with the answers, and are willing to take the risk because of the extremely low prices, and can accept the word of the seller, then it is still a gamble. I believe some people have sent money to such places and never heard from them again, but these people have been veted by Amazon and may have that little extra credibility.

Personally, for something like a DSLR, a life time camera and investment, I would stick to Regular places where you have recourse. There are still some bargains to be had, but smaller bargains, perhaps, but you have peace of mind.

  Jdoki 10:08 22 May 2005

It's a tough call. I've used Amazon sellers a lot and never had any problems at all, sometimes I've received goods faster than stuff I've ordered at the same time through Amazon directly, but I've never bought such a high priced item as your camera.

The ratings system is normally a good indicator of a sellers reputation, and I notice the cheaper sellers have the lower (or no ratings) in this case.

Next to each item listed is the Safe buying Guarantee button, this allows you to make a claim of up to 2000GBP if the item does not arrive, or is different from the description.

Also, If you pay by credit card you may get covered in event that the item doesn't appear, plus the credit card company would do the leg work if you have a problem.

Good luck!

  woodbexhill 10:51 22 May 2005

Ok, I'm probably going to 'go for it' and buy one. I've emailed the sellers and am waiting a response, if I'm as satisfied as I can be by the emails that they aren't ripping me off, i'll purchase one.

I'll update here, when I do, and if I receive the item or not etc. :)

  habs 11:15 22 May 2005


I buy a lot of stuff from amazon marketplace(games,dvd,books,mobile battery).But you have to be careful.if you buy camera from a seller and if something happened to your camera, you are not guaranty.look for the review of the seller,if 5 star buy from them.

to be sure before you buy them write email to them and ask them,to be on safe side.

whatever you choose,good luck.

  mbp 11:33 22 May 2005

woodbexhill, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck. And we will of course be most interested in your outcome.

  woodbexhill 11:47 22 May 2005

Ok well I did some more interest and searched google for 'canon amazon scam' and it seems that this has occured a lot, and in fact the users just scam the user out of money. They often ask to use an outside escrow service, or offer for the transaction to be made through western union, the money is taken, and that is it - no item is ever received, and the users money is stolen.

I guess, If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

  fitcher 12:00 22 May 2005

I have used amazon for a long time and been very satisfied ,my last item came .although ordered from amazon from another supplier, it was in a battered old envelope and was not even the item I had ordered ,but looked to me like a returned item . It had odd software . .I was very upset and I found an e mail addressof firm , the item had come from, and I sent them strong worded e mail.. they phoned me and appologised , and were very sorry ,anyway I sent the thing back to amazon ,,who were also very sorry and immeadiatley refounded my money with no I would still use them .

  Stuartli 14:02 22 May 2005

You could also try e-Bay - again thoroughly checkout any sellers by their feedback. There is also a guarantee through PayPal.

But you will probably feel a lot happier by going to Jessops and handling and testing the camera; Jessops has a price match offer which is why I recommend trying out the particular camera there.

Bought only on spec or price you might just find, after acquiring it, that it's not quite what you wanted or are comfortable using...:-)

  KatyN 15:35 22 May 2005

Amazon is usually ok, including market place sellers, but I ran across the same scam, where I clicked to buy a too-good-to-be-true laptop.

They wanted the money sent by Western Union to an address in Rome. This involved giving a cash sum to the nearest Western Union office. I did not do this! When I challenged them and quoted Amazon's "rules" on payments, they did not reply and when I looked again the laptop was no longer advertised.

  mbp 16:09 22 May 2005

As Always, you will never get something for nothing. If the bargain is too good to be true, I would pass, Amazon or no Amazon resellers. But for relatively smaller items that could easily fall out of a truck, you may take the gamble. But remember, it is a gamble. However, for software where a newer version has superceded the older version, sometimes some places will try to unload their old stocks as fast as they can, and the price drops. Such bargains are usually found in the USA. Yet a lot of cons are from the USA. You just have to be wary all the time!

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