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Any ever used / heard of

  Bailey08787 16:55 31 Jan 2010

I was thinking of buying a phone from them, but beginning to wonder if they are a scam website?

Here's their website

click here

Suspicious because various areas of their site don't work / are down

...and the site looks quite basic, as if anyone with a bit of tech knowledge could put it together

  bremner 17:06 31 Jan 2010

The website is very poor, they advertise the latest Macbook at £599 down from £749 when it is over £835 at Amazon.

I would not touch them with a barge pole

  GaT7 17:24 31 Jan 2010

As the others say, stay well clear.

In addition, there's no address, telephone number or company number displayed either.

Domain info click here. It says registered to a Non-UK Individual, with what looks like a non-existent address - road's name & postcode do not match. Domain was registered on 10-Jun-2009.

It's also impossible to buy anything from there. I tried to buy do so, then pay for it, but it came up with a PayPal screen saying: 'This recipient is currently unable to receive money.' And PayPal appears the only way of paying atm. G

  Bailey08787 19:53 31 Jan 2010

well, I placed an order, but didn't receive a confirmation email - but i've checked my account and money has gone out already - though to a personal individual, not a company.........

....(just kidding :-) thanks for the feedback

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