Any drive imaging recommendations?

  carl48 16:47 23 Aug 2005

My old Drive Image 2002 program is now obsolete and anyway was beginning to malfunction. I now want new drive imaging software but am not having much luck finding a good one. I've tried a 15-day evaluation of Acronis True Image 8.0, but it wouldn't restore my backed-up image. I have also tried an evaluation copy of R-Drive Image and found it impossible to understand, and anyway it refused to make an emergency boot-up disc. The obvious choice is Norton Ghost but this has had a lot of lousy feedback from those who have used it. Has anyone any recommendations for good, reliable, simple-to-understand imaging software? I am running Windows XP, by the way.

  Happy Soul 17:30 23 Aug 2005

Try XXCLONE Freeware Package (for personal use only) from click here . It was recommended here, I tried it and it's easy to use.

  Busy 18:02 23 Aug 2005

Drive Image 7 works well,have restored a couple of times from it,both from a second hard drive and from DVDs.
Have a look on ebay,where i got mine(dead cheap)

  mole44 20:09 23 Aug 2005

i use ghost 9.0 and it workd perfectly on my machine with XP.i can save to either internal or external drive and also to CD/DVD.i recomend it completly.

  Mavisk 06:29 24 Aug 2005

I agree with mole44,above,but make sure it is version 9.0.

  freaky 11:27 24 Aug 2005

Acronis True Image 8.0 is an excellent program, and in my opinion is far better than Ghost, and much easier to use.

You state in your post that it would not restore your backed-up image, but you did not state what program you used to create the back-up. If this back-up image was not created with Acronis, then that would be the reason for the failure.

  iscanut 11:33 24 Aug 2005

I agree with Freaky. Acronis works like a dream. Backup and restore work with no problems.

  carl48 12:32 24 Aug 2005

When I tried to restore with Acronis, my computer froze up. The 'Loading, please wait' screen appeared and that was it. I waited for ten minutes then was forced to reboot. I tried a second time and the same thing happened. So I wasn't impressed with True Image. I reckon I'll give the latest version of Ghost a try.
Incidentally, don't try XXClone. I gave it a go and it wiped everything off my detachable hard disk.

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