Any current PIPEX BB customers been upgraded?

  garrema 00:01 06 Apr 2005

A few emails from Pipex earlier in the year. A new loyalty program introduced...
Are there any existing customers who have been uplifted to these new speeds?

  anchor 09:32 06 Apr 2005

Yes, I have been upgraded.

However, I decided to pay the £15 fee to be upgraded immediately. This fee is levied by BT, not by Pipex. The normal free upgrade will take place during the spring and summer of this year.

  pauldonovan 09:34 06 Apr 2005 it easier to switch to BT and get upgraded?

How did you arrange this upgrade?

  anchor 10:09 06 Apr 2005

This was the mesaage recieved from Pipex; I just followed the directions.

"The speed of your service will be increased to 1Mbps automatically as part of a network upgrade programme PIPEX is undertaking, which will run during the spring and summer this year. However, if you want to take advantage of the higher speed sooner or go even faster with our new PIPEX Lite 2000 service with a 5GB usage allocation, and do not wish to wait for the network upgrade you can do this now for a one off fee of £15 (inc of VAT), just visit My PIPEX at click here and within a few clicks you will move into the fast lane without increasing your monthly rental".

  pauldonovan 11:34 06 Apr 2005

..might give that a go.

  Kate B 13:48 06 Apr 2005

Oooh, just posted separately on this. I paid the fee and have just been upgraded to an unlimited 1mb connection. In fact I've got nearly 2mb. Yippee!

  anchor 15:32 06 Apr 2005

It seems from reading the ADSL forums that everyone upgrading from from the 512 to 1Mb gets 2Mb first; then Pipex throttle you back to 1Mb after a few days. Something to do with the initial changes made at the BT exchange.

It happened to me when I upgraded to Pipex 1mb service. On 512 my download speed was typically 459kbs, immediately after the upgrade it was 1997kbps, and now, 1032Kbps.

  Lettervanman 16:08 06 Apr 2005

Make the most of it! As anchor says it will be throttled back,get any downloads done before this happens.Still,1032Kbps aint bad!

  Border View 23:43 06 Apr 2005

So does this mean that even if at the moment you live on the edge of the exchange area which enables you to only get 512, the download speed will automatically go up to 1mb later in the year? Sorry if this seems a simple question but I'm trying to get my head around this one.

  pauldonovan 10:03 07 Apr 2005

I emailed Pipex and their announcement has led to a delay of up to 7 days in answering posts!

Basically, if you go to the pipex website and login to the mypipex bit at the top, then follow the link regarding upgrades, it tells you when it will happen in your area. Mine is scheduled for August so I'm paying now!

  Border View 11:16 07 Apr 2005

Thanks pauldonovan - off to have a look.

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