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  sicknote 16:00 23 May 2004

Hi All
I have seen well speced PC'S at which seemed to be good value.Does anyone have experience on tiny products and service.Would you recommend them to a friend ???

  Chronos 16:41 23 May 2004

go to search and type in "tiny" & "time" it will all be there....

  sicknote 17:04 23 May 2004

Tks for your help,i did look there and read those reports,but we are 2 months on from those reports so maybe somemore people have used them since then !!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:07 23 May 2004

Only problem that I find is the cost of the system restore disk which has to be factored in; then the prices don't seem as attractive.

  pj123 17:26 23 May 2004

At the risk of being closed down, your question Would you recommend them to a friend ???. My answer would have to be (and this is only my opinion) No.

  pj123 17:47 23 May 2004

You could also read this previous thread click here

  Sir Radfordin 17:47 23 May 2004

The answer to the question in my opinion would be no. I don't think that they offer competitive prices once you have added in a level of support worth having and got the machine delivered. There are better deals to be had.

  Charence 18:12 23 May 2004

My opinion of Tiny service is, poor. You'll be dialing a £1/min telephone number and once connceted, the staff will forward you from phone to phone within the office until you hang up. This is what I've experienced anyway. My friend who also bought a Tiny PC at the same time I did has also received poor service and both our computers stopped working shortly after 1 year. If you buy a Tiny, don't expect to depend on the Tech support, because you'll be better off buying spare parts from other computer retailers. And make sure if you do buy a PC you'll be able to source the spare parts which I had a lot of trouble with because the spare part I required was uncommon and was not available in most stores.

If you really must buy a Tiny PC, then go ahead. However, I'll warn you that my experiences were not thta good.

Why not try Dell? I think they're great!

  sicknote 19:02 23 May 2004

Tks all I'm beginning to get the picture !!!!I'm not so worried about tech support but if the parts are not available locally off the shelf that's a concern to me !!

  mezzanine 09:41 24 May 2004

Charence, I think you mistaking Tiny for Tiny.Com seen as Tiny.Com was only launched in Feb 2004.

  byfordr 10:01 24 May 2004

I don't think the service or reliability is anybetter...

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