Any advice on which Broadband ISP ???

  RobG126 11:45 21 Mar 2004

I am very confused about the wide range of prices for Broadband, any tips on what to look out for?
I am setting up my own business and would like a very simple email address has anyone got any idea if i can get one with the broadband package?

  [email protected] 12:31 21 Mar 2004

Advice will be mixed as to which one is best but read this and others when you click here
click here=

  spuds 17:21 21 Mar 2004

Have a browse here click here click here click here

  Forum Editor 22:55 21 Mar 2004

who rightly says that advice will be mixed.

I'm a fan of the BT Yahoo (formerly BTOpenworld) ADSL service, simply because I've used it ever since broadband was first launched in the UK. I have no doubt that other providers can supply an excellent service and the ASDSL guide site will show you what users think of all the major broadband suppliers.

  Djohn 23:18 21 Mar 2004

As above have said. You will read of some horror stories and others will have nothing but praise for the ISP they are using.

I'm with "Zen" and you can check them out at the ADSL guide as given in the link above. They are one of the smaller companies and it will be most unusual if they can't offer you your own personal e-mail address.

Mine for instance is "My name at zen . co .uk"

I have placed the spaces and the "At" to stop it from tuning into a link.

Good luck with your choice, look for quality not the cheapest price, a couple of pounds per month extra will be well worth paying for a good service but even £5.00 per month is a waste of money if all you are buying is problems.

  Old Jonathan 23:31 21 Mar 2004

I can't speak for BT broadband, but when I signed up for BT Surftime, it was a disaster. There was network setting problems that I had to pay a premium support rate to discuss. As far as I was concerned I was paying to try sort problems that were not mine. Of course I could have complained and tried to get my money back, but is it ever worth the effort? I switched to Eclipse for surftime and then their broadband service and their technical support is not a premium rate....
no looking back.

  Aspman 10:25 22 Mar 2004

I have just moved to Pipex on their solotogo 500 package. Everything went very smoothly and BT had the line enabled 2 days ahead of schedule.

Pipex supplied an ADSL modem and 2 microfilters for £17.99 and the monthly cost is £23.99. There was no connection fee but you would be liable if you cancel the connection within the first year. the contract period is one month.

I have found the connection very fast and I've not had a single drop out of the conenction yet.

If you can afford a larger set up fee you may want to consider metronet who also get good reviews in this forum. They run a pay-as-you-go broadband that costs between £10-£24 depending how much content you download. Common figures quoted are about £14 a month. You do need to provide your own modem, filters and pay the connection fee however.

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