Any advice please on which one ?

  Mabinogion 12:30 02 Oct 2012

Hello can someone help me choose a pc please ~ which one of these pc's should I buy as I have had a lot of expense this week owing to repairs on my car and then my faithful old desktop Packard Bell burnt out I can't afford a lot but have been looking at the Argos Catalogue and came across these: Dell Inspiron 660S 4GB 500GB Desktop Tower PC cat no: 507/3850 Dell Inspiron 660S 4GB 500GB Desktop Tower PC - Red. CPU and Memory: Intel dual core G630. Processor speed 2.7GHz. 4GB DDR3 RAM. Hard drive: 500GB SATA hard drive. DVD optical drives: Dual layer 16x CD-ROM speed ,16x DVD-ROM speed. Graphics: Shared graphics. Intel GMA with Intel HD Graphics graphics card. 508/8254 or Dell Inspiron 660S 4GB 1TB Desktop Tower - Black cat no:508/8254 ntel dual core i3-2120. Processor speed 3.3GHz. 4GB DDR3 RAM. Hard drive: 1000GB hard drive. DVD optical drives: Dual layer. Graphics: Shared graphics. Intel GMA. Interfaces and connectivity: 8 USB ports. Ethernet port. 1 HDMI port. Wireless/WiFi enabled. Wired keyboard and mouse. Wireless keyboard and mouse. Please can you explain which have the best 'specs' I am just a housewife retired now and just use the pc for normal stuff. Would appreciate any advice they may be 'rubbish' so some people but it's all I can afford right now. Thanks so much.

  Mabinogion 12:35 02 Oct 2012

Hello I forgot to ask what does anyone think of the new range of pc's at Argos called Zoostorm has anyone any info on those before I buy? Thanks

  bjh 14:15 02 Oct 2012

I'm no expert on new PC specs, and I'm sure someone else will pop in soon with an opinion. Don't feel that your computer specs are too low though, as many of us on this site aren't into bigger, better, faster...

First thing I'd say is Zoostorm is an excellent value brand. Ebuyer, a major online retailor sells them. click here for link

It may be worth looking there to see if the same model as Argos sells is cheaper. The only fault I have heard of Zoostorm is that they can be a bit noisy (internal fans). From a brief look at those specs, either Dell machine would do most things - except high-end games!

I suspect someone will be able to answer you better... but what do you consider "normal stuff"? What do you actually want to use it for?

  bjh 14:19 02 Oct 2012

Sorry, the link I gave goes to "gaming desktops"... just click on the "home desktops" tab when there!

  Mabinogion 23:42 02 Oct 2012

Thanks BJH for the advice I will look at the website links ~ things have moved on so much since I bought my old desktop just wanted to make sure and buy the right one. Thanks again

  bjh 10:33 03 Oct 2012

I'm sorry no one else has proffered an opinion... maybe they will, if you aren't in too much of a hurry. The Forum is a little less busy these days. I'll add a bit of general advice

If "normal stuff" means email, browsing the web, writing letters and the like, then any computer sold by a mainstream seller will do. Obviously, the more you spend... but computers are so powerful today (driven mainly by games) that pretty much any computer on the market will do as an everyday workhorse. You will get more from your money online than from PC World etc. Novatech has a good reputation, and Ebuyer are OK. Argos prices for Zoostorm seem fine, and their High Street presence may be reassuring.

Note that some of the lowest cost Zoostorm computers have no operating system. At Argos, 018391 Zoostorm THIS ONE seems to be the lowest priced (£259) that comes with Windows. That Zoostorm comes with DVD rewriter, and I'm not sure the two Dells have rewriters... useful for copying music/essential for backups... Note there's no monitor, so you'd need to use your current one. The Dell comes with MS Office trial... that Zoostorm with MS Office Starter... which I believe is a non-time limited, fully operating version, so far, far more use. They'll lack the more advanced features, but I doubt many people use them at home anyway. Note that the next-up-in-price Zoostorm 5074361 comes with trial, not starter MS Office (so I wonder if the low priced one does? But, if it says it does, Argos should supply it, if it doesn't come; they are good like that, on the whole... but 018394 goes back to starter... so I think you will be OK)

So, personally, I'd save the money and buy a Zoostorm not a Dell. I think the extra tenner for 018394 with 4GB memory (£269)THIS ONE would be worth it... it will help the machine run much more smoothly, and will save money in the long run. At a guess from the details you give, this machine should do you just fine. I did say they were a bit noisy, and one of the reviewers says it is... That can be easily fixed at a later date.

Have you considered fixing the old machine?

  bjh 10:38 03 Oct 2012

Oh, there might be a saving to be had, if the Argos voucher comes back.. there are some detailsHere but I don't know if it will happen, or if you can wait.

  bjh 16:12 04 Oct 2012

This Dell has had a price reduction at Argos... Dell Inspiron 620 Intel Dual Core

Haven't checked it out, just posting it in case you look in again...

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