Any advice on Lawn Mowers please

  sunnystaines 11:03 10 Oct 2013

Our long serving lawnmower has died looking for a new one, unbelievable but after visiting many garden centres cannot find any that sell them. not too keen to buy online without some advice.

looking for a push one or an electric one with a spinning metel blade

  sunnystaines 11:45 10 Oct 2013


thanks had not thought of diy outlets will try them.

had a look on amazon at the easiglide 300.

  spuds 17:32 10 Oct 2013

I was in the local Homebase and B&Q yesterday, both seem to have fair stocks.

If you have a B&Q Wednesday 10% discount card for pensioner's, then use that, or apply for one in store. With Homebase, watch for regular special deals, and if you have an Argos store-card, then that will also help, with possible interest free finance.

  BT 18:32 10 Oct 2013

I bought myself a self propelled petrol mower a couple of years ago. Much easier on my aching back and no cables to get tangled in. Wouldn't be without it now. Bought it online from Wyvale Garden Centres and it was delivered in 2 days.

  lotvic 23:24 10 Oct 2013

"easiglide 300" - that's a hover mower. I don't advise getting a 'hover' mower. All that tugging about. My mowers just given up as well. I'll be getting a new one with metal blade and wheels on this time.

  wee eddie 23:43 10 Oct 2013

Comes down to whether you want a lawn or a meadow

  sunnystaines 23:02 13 Oct 2013

thank you all for your comments

  john bunyan 17:54 14 Oct 2013

I have a big lawn and have tried many mowers. If you like "stripes" you need a driven roller at the rear. I have found that, whilst very expensive, the Honda range is by far the most reliable. My last one went on for over 10 years of heavy use. A Rotary blade is more practical but cylinder mowers are for the perfectionist! I use a local garden machinery specialist.

  BT 08:08 16 Oct 2013

My self propelled petrol rotary mower is a Husqvana with a Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine. No pushing involved, just have to follow it around and steer it where I want it to go.

  spuds 10:18 16 Oct 2013

The long term easiest solution is to slab the area, but then you have weeds and such like trying to grow between the cracks :O)

  BT 10:48 16 Oct 2013

..but then you have weeds and such like trying to grow between the cracks :O)

An annual treatment with Pathclear usually solves that problem. It keeps the shingle strip up the middle of my driveway clear.

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