Antivirus how many??

  Khufu 11:04 16 Jun 2005

I have had my new Mesh for a couple of days now, and its time to start some serious downloading, I have windows XP home SP2 , and have microsoft antispyware beta1 which I downloaded, Etrust antivirus which was pre installed. Will these 2 be enough for protection??? or will I need anything else?? I'm prob being over cautious , but best to be safe than sorry!

Thanks again.

  igk 11:46 16 Jun 2005

"Etrust antivirus" is unknown to me but it sounds as though you have things pretty much covered,though you may like to have a bit more antispy/malware protection like "Adaware"
click here
and "Spybot"search&destroy,
click here
both free for personal use,also get a decent firewall like Zone Alarm
click here
(also free version)as the M$ win xp firewall is pretty useless as it only checks incoming traffic and not any nasties that may already be on the pc...hth.

  Stuartli 12:47 16 Jun 2005

Don't forget SpywareBlaster, which stops the nasties (or a lot of them at least) getting on your system in the first place.

  Aspman 16:52 16 Jun 2005

Etrust is made by Computer Associates.

Should be good enough but I'd switch to AVG or Avast after your free subscription time runs out.

Everyone else had given you the best free antispyware and firewall apps you can get for free.

Use the XP firewall until you can get Zonealarm onto your machine. It's perfectly possible for your machine to be attacked while downloading the various bit of software.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:12 16 Jun 2005

I use AVG and MS Antispy with no firewall. I do a serious amount of uploading and downloading (business), take a cavalier attitude to opening attachments and have the connection on virtually 24/7. Never had even a remote problem. There is no point in going OTT with anti-spyware progs.


  Stuartli 17:45 16 Jun 2005

You are very lucky...

I exited AVG just for a few minutes recently to download a file (it was required to prevent any problems with the download) and got a Trojan. It's only the second nasty I've had in about the last three years.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:43 16 Jun 2005

Firewalls will not stop many Trojans. I tend not to 'exit' AVG though. ;-)))


  DieSse 21:48 16 Jun 2005

"I exited AVG just for a few minutes recently to download a file (it was required to prevent any problems with the download)"

Try a proper AV - you should NEVER need to do this.

click here

  leo49 21:53 16 Jun 2005

I don't understand that either and I do use a proper AV - AVG.

  DieSse 22:37 16 Jun 2005

"Try a proper AV" - said with tongue in cheek!

  leo49 22:41 16 Jun 2005

Snap! :o)

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