antivirus and firewall: inter-brand compatibility

  yamilandres 18:21 01 Oct 2015

I have two computers at home, both running Win 7 Pro (SP1):

  • Sony Vaio (2009): 32-bit, 4GB RAM (changed the HDD to a SSD some months ago. Working perfectly fine)
  • Dell Alienware (2013), 64-bit, 8GB RAM

Both PCs also running the free version of AVG Antivirus. Also both PCs running CCleaner. So far, all good. No issues, no complaints.

Now, for a simple matter of prevention, I have decided to step up the protection on both PCs, by installing a firewall on them, to go along with the existing antivirus.

I intend to choose one among following list of free firewalls:

  • Anti NetCut3
  • Privatefirewall
  • PeerBlock
  • ZoneAlarm

My questions:

  • Being that there is already an antivirus installed, is it perfectly fine to install a firewall from a different brand than the antivirus to go along with it?
  • Any risk of having compatibility issues?
  • Any risk of having them blocking or "struggling with" each other?

Besides the question, any suggestions/comments are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

  Govan1x 18:25 01 Oct 2015

Just use the Windows firewall that should do.C Cleaner is not a security program.

  john bunyan 19:45 01 Oct 2015

I agree with Govan1x - use windows firewall. I would add at least one anti malware - some are free such as Malawarebytes and Superantispyware, Go to Filehippo to get them. The free versions need a manual scan / updates. The Premium version of Malawarebytes is a good investment. I would try the freebie first.


  yamilandres 02:36 02 Oct 2015

thank you guys

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