metalmicky 20:44 27 May 2003

hi all i am wondering if any on has brought and downloaded norton anti virus 2003 from symantec i duly paid my dues by card as i only have 56 modem took me about 7 hours but not all at once as they have an icon that you can stop the download and save and restart got to the end 71000bytes then it went to load and came up with this message 2005 an unexpected error occured trying to validate the product file and i lost all the download have sent them three e mails but as of yet have not had a reply as you will all understand i am a bit miffed they have my money i do not have the programme all i have is a large phone bill and do not want to start again for another 7 hours for the same thing to happen and i have searched the knowledge base but to no avail so can any one help

  Happy1 21:37 27 May 2003

It is possible to phone them. I never got a manual with my firewall and NAV this time as bought just in a sleeve. I will look the number up for you if I can find last years manual. Someone else may answer you in meantime. I usually renew subscription on phone but didnt do that this yr.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:37 27 May 2003

I would think that you have a corrupt file or two. For future reference always buy the disk from any internet shop or PCW...makes life a lot easier. However you may like to phone 01628 592222 and explain your problem.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:39 27 May 2003 here and download AVG. Free and just as good as Norton IMHO.


  Happy1 21:46 27 May 2003

I have found a number in version 3 2001. I will type it out as is in book: UK: +(44)20 7616 5813 This is for Anti Virus Package.

  Happy1 21:48 27 May 2003

I was looking for a more local number but print in manual bit small for me.

  mikef™ 22:08 27 May 2003

The customer service number from my Norton Antivirus 2003 help page is 020 7616 5600

  metalmicky 18:53 28 May 2003

thanks for eveyones help i will phone them and try to resolve once again thanks regards michael

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