Anti virus software - your recommendations?

  Forum Editor 17:32 14 Jan 2006

I want to run some tests with anti-virus software - either free or subscription, it doesn't matter. I'm beta testing the new version of MS Office (Office 12) and I want to see how it gets on with anti-virus programs.

I've tested AVG, Norton, and Trend Micro PC-cillin so far, but which are your favourites?

  Icky 17:45 14 Jan 2006

My favourite is NOD32

  Stuartli 18:15 14 Jan 2006

Avast! from click here

Basically install and forget - it updates itself automatically and provides both vocal and written confirmation.

  anniel 18:15 14 Jan 2006

is Kaspersky. I use Kaspersky Personal and paid for it.

I find it a most reliable product. It searches for new threats every hour and automatically scans my computer daily. It also supplies a great firewall.

Before I had it, I was constantly plagued by various problems, but it is now nearly a year and my PC runs like a charm.

Cannot recommend it highly enough and the users forum is extremely helpful, patient and friendly.

  spuds 18:43 14 Jan 2006

AVG and Avast. They do say Kaspersky contains rootkit's.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:51 14 Jan 2006

I've used AVG for nearly three years and have had no problems. I also run an alert mail-out of over 90 AVG users and they have had no problems. This speaks volumes.


  Hamish 18:52 14 Jan 2006


  SANTOS7 18:57 14 Jan 2006

AVG for me, its a winner....

  ade.h 19:26 14 Jan 2006




In that order.

  hzhzhz 20:05 14 Jan 2006

AVG is all you need in my opinion.

  anskyber 20:39 14 Jan 2006

Any thoughts on Zone Alarm I have recently installed after problems with Symantec and find it very user friendly. I have read several reviews that rate it highly ( the security suite) so I cannot verify its performance yet.

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