Anti virus software - your recommendations?

  Forum Editor 17:32 14 Jan 2006

I want to run some tests with anti-virus software - either free or subscription, it doesn't matter. I'm beta testing the new version of MS Office (Office 12) and I want to see how it gets on with anti-virus programs.

I've tested AVG, Norton, and Trend Micro PC-cillin so far, but which are your favourites?

  Stuartli 18:15 14 Jan 2006

Avast! from click here

Basically install and forget - it updates itself automatically and provides both vocal and written confirmation.

  spuds 18:43 14 Jan 2006

AVG and Avast. They do say Kaspersky contains rootkit's.

  anskyber 20:39 14 Jan 2006

Any thoughts on Zone Alarm I have recently installed after problems with Symantec and find it very user friendly. I have read several reviews that rate it highly ( the security suite) so I cannot verify its performance yet.

  Belatucadrus 21:05 14 Jan 2006

avast! is my current favourite, though I'm running AVG on a backup machine. You could also try Antivir as its recent track record at Virus Bulletin has been very good, currently the freebie comes in two flavours, classic 6 click here and Classic 7 Beta click here

Simultaneous betas Scary !!!

  polish 21:09 14 Jan 2006

iam using the antivirus with zonealarm security suite and seems vgood.
will you post back on your findings

  Forum Editor 00:00 15 Jan 2006

Just what I wanted.

AVG has given me trouble in Outlook 12 - but that will be sorted out before launch date, I'm sure.

I'm going to try NOD32 next.

  Belatucadrus 12:05 15 Jan 2006

If you want some slightly less obvious alternatives, there's Clamwin click here don't forget to add the Outlook plugin. Or Bitdefender click here
As neither offer real time or POP3 e-mail coverage, not really first line packages, but may be worth a look.
Then again being stand alone, on demand scanners with almost no Office integration to speak of maybe not, your choice.

  Forum Editor 12:54 15 Jan 2006

also causes havoc in Outlook 12 beta. So far the only software that works perfectly is Trend Micro PC-cillin.

There's a while to go before Office 12 sees the light of day in the market, and by then I'm sure most of the anti-virus companies will have resolved the problems - I'm certainly not implying any criticism of them here. My experiment is purely a personal project, borne of curiosity.

  Forum Editor 00:58 16 Jan 2006

The Office 12 beta1 is very much a developer's version, and software incompatibilities were to be expected. Beta2 will have those fixed - I already know that MS have fixed my NOD32 problem for instance, because they've told me so. Outlook 12 beta 1 didn't like Norton one bit, but then we're talking plug-ins, and it didn't like AVG either. Trend Micro presents no problems however.

That's how it is with early betas - it's the whole point in fact. Office 12 promises to be very good indeed, but I'm under a strict Microsoft embargo as far as review comment is concerned, so no more than that from me for the present.

  Red Devil 11:22 16 Jan 2006

I use Norton IS. Can't complain as I - touch wood - have never had a virus. I also regulalarly use to check the firewall component of the package and I always get a pass on that with all ports reported as operating in stealth mode.

Don't use the anti-spam part as I think it's quite poor from a user-friendliness point of view. I use Spampal instead.

Same with anti-spyware. I have SpywareBlaster sitting resident on my PC, SpyBot S&D and AdAware set to scan at startup, Microsoft AntiSpyware set to scan at midday and SpySweeper set to scan last thing at night while I also run periodic scans with A-Squared, SpywareDoctor and Ewido.

You can't be too careful these days especially seeing as no anti-spyware package seems to be able to pick up AND remove all spyware. Wonder why that is?

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