Anti Virus Software Renewal Prices

  mister_b 17:22 20 Jul 2012

My 1.0 version of Kaspersky Pure is due to expire in a couple of weeks and I refuse to pay the £44 renewal price to upgrade to Pure 2.0.

My question is, If I buy another copy of Kaspersky Pure 1.0 for a tenner and uninstall my current version and install my new copy, would there be any problems with that? I presume i'd get another year of 1.0 with constant security updates but without the fancy new features of 2.0?

Thanks in advance for your help.

  Clapton is God 17:49 20 Jul 2012

Don't waste your money

There are plenty of free AV products out there which will do the job just as well.

  mister_b 18:08 20 Jul 2012

I'm aware of the free alternatives. However, i've been impressed with Kaspersky over this year and would like to continue using it, just without the large price tag. That's the reason behind my question.

  birdface 21:51 20 Jul 2012

Try changing the keycode from the new one to the old one and see if it works.If not you may have to remove the old version first.

  rdave13 02:08 21 Jul 2012

mister_b , if you like, and impressed by, Kaspersky then you need to pay the extortionate price for the year. If you are somewhat less than impressed by their prices then change. Simple supply and demand.

  acfc 12:01 22 Jul 2012

Like yourself I prefer Kaspersky to other products but do not consider the renewal prices fair and reasonable when you can buy new products cheaper. I recently bought a new copy from Amazon instead and just used the code that came with that as my renewal. No need to uninstall unless your exisiting copy is an old version.

You can update your Kaspersky software to the latest version as they are released during the license period.

I understand some people prefer free AV software or alternative paid versions but personally I am happy I to pay about £1 per month for what I consider (as well as most independant tests I have read) slightly better protection.

  wee eddie 13:35 22 Jul 2012

Just a thought:

Each year the AV Companies make changes the the Core of their Software, which are designed to make it more capable of dealing with the latest threats. So you are, theoretically, better off buying a copy of the latest iteration each year.

If you decide to just pay for the continuation of the updating of the old database of signatures. That's what you get ~ The Software that you bought with the latest signatures.

Budget for a new copy each year, or go for one of the Freebies. Usually the Freebies require more input from yourself, but rarely of a technical nature.

  acfc 14:21 22 Jul 2012

Wee Eddie

I can only speak for the 2 AV software I have used in the past 4-5 years but certainly both Eset and Kaspersky allow you to upgrade your software as well as signatures during the licence period FOC so I will get Kaspersky 2013 next month under my existing licence.

  birdface 13:40 28 Jul 2012

A bit cheaper here.

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