Anti Virus Software

  billy8 23:07 26 Jul 2005

My new computer came with a 90 day trial using MacAfee Security Centre, anti virus and firewall.
It seems very efficient but they are now suggesting I pay the annual subscription which is about £45 (including a 31% discount) for Viruscan and Firewall2.

As an amateur, I would welcome advice/suggestions on a secure product for a more reasonable price or even a free download

  Stuartli 23:14 26 Jul 2005

There are a number of excellent free AV utilities, including AVG7 and Avast.

I used to use AVG but switched to Avast after installing it on a computer newbies's system recently because it updates automatically.

You can download and install it from: click here

When you have installed it, make sure you obtain the proper key rather than the temporary one, as it suffices for more than a year before having to be renewed (free in both cases).

It's explained on the website.

  Danoh 23:23 26 Jul 2005

Have you tried using the Search box for "Anti Virus" for example? There have been loads of threads which cover opinions on various free and subcription-based Anti Virus software.

AVG is a commonly recommended free A/V with ZoneAlarm's free firewall. Both are available from the Downloads section of this forum (Utilities, Anti virus and Security sections respectively).

Personally I'm using Norton Internet Security 2005 but that comes out as more than £45, except for a very few remaining deals at £25. But others are now getting better reviews which I will probably try out when my subscription runs out.

Also don’t forget to have some anti SpyWare and AdWare as extra protection. (e.g. AdAware, SpyBot, A-Squared are some free examples).

  Danoh 23:24 26 Jul 2005

Stuartli; snap. Did not see your post as I was still typing.

  billy8 20:02 27 Jul 2005

Thank you stuartli and danoh for your advice which I will act upon. I note in the current Advisor, just purchased, that they have an article recommending the same sites.

  stalion 20:24 27 Jul 2005

you can not run two anti-virus programs at the same time on your computer they will conflict so make sure you uninstall macafee before installing new anti-virus software.If you need help with this post back

  billy8 20:52 27 Jul 2005

Thank you stalion, I am always grateful for advice, so any help you can offer that may prevent a disaster will be very welcome.

  Dumble452 08:19 28 Jul 2005

I'm very pleased with this. Very frequent anti-virus updates. click here
Not cheap but it gives me peace of mind.

  Belatucadrus 13:32 28 Jul 2005

click here always worth a look (well I would say that wouldn't I).

  mbp 13:55 28 Jul 2005

When you have excellent free programs like Zone Alarm, Avg, Avast, etc you have to have lots of disposable income or you want to have the Rolls Royce of AV's, like Panda. Admittedly the free versions are not as comprehensive as the retail versions, but as far as security is concerned, I have yet to hear of anyone being infected from using the free programs, provided you update regularly. I have used ZA and Avast, and I am as happy as a bee. However make sure that you know how to rid yourself of all traces of the program you wish to discard as there will be a lot of debris left in your Registry. That is a whole different topic.

  billy8 15:48 28 Jul 2005

Again I thank both stalion and mbp for your advice but notice that both refer to potential problems in removing the macafee av program.
I would appreciate advice on ensuring that all traces are removed. I assume it is more involved than using the Add/Remove program facility?

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