Anti virus-grisoft??any good?or suggestions please

  moby58 15:23 16 May 2004

had norton anti virus,which i found to be excellent...about to expire,so installed mcafee which i dont really like/caused problems.GRISOFT has been suggested-free edition-any thoughts??or advice?need something simple!thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 15:35 16 May 2004

AVG seems to work well for lots of users here so I would suggest you go with it.

Personally, I use Avast Anti Virus 4 - it has the added advantage that it scans files as they are read or created, without any seeming system slowdown.

  Stuartli 15:51 16 May 2004

I used NortonAV for several years but have been using AVG for two years with complete satisfaction - just ensure that you update it on a daily basis at present (there are numerous updates).

  abbott8 17:08 16 May 2004

I've used AVG for a long time now. As long as you do regular updates you should have no problem. Why pay when you can get it for free!!!

  spuds 17:19 16 May 2004

AVG is the freebie for me.Highly recommended.

  moby58 17:22 16 May 2004

thats settled that then!!thanks for all your help!grisoft here i come....

  bremner 18:00 16 May 2004

Just to give a balanced view -

Fully updated but still let in Sobig F so won't touch it with a barge pole now.

  Al94 22:00 16 May 2004

Have used it for over two years, never had a virus and think its the dogs bollocks

  Jarvo 23:57 16 May 2004

Pros and cons for both AVG will not scan ziped files and you have to remember to update it unless your computer is always on at the update time. personaly I like my NIS only £18 for a USA download and new spam spam filter is top notch.


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