Antec Nine Hundred OR Coolermaster HAF 922?

  07patty 22:05 14 Jan 2010

So i've pretty much decided on my system, just to choose between these two cases..
what are the good things, and bad things about these cases, and which one would you personally choose?

  OTT_B 22:16 14 Jan 2010

Personally, the Antec case would be my choice of the two. It looks better (to me) and includes removable air filters. Frustratingly they both have bottom mounted PSU's.
The Coolermaster case also has a 200mm fan - they can be extremely difficult to replace if they break. Not sure what fan size the Antec has, but my guess would be standard 120mm fans.

  [email protected] 00:25 15 Jan 2010

I think both cases would be superb. I would just go for the one you think looks better. In my opinion, that's the Cooler Master one. It also has air filters, like the Antec 900.

Here are some proper reviews for you to look at:

Antec 900 - click here, click here

Cooler Master HAF 922 - click here, click here

  GaT7 15:23 15 Jan 2010

If you're going to install a monster graphics card (or two) I'd go for neither. Would choose something larger, especially lengthwise to accommodate the large card better.

If not, a Xigmatek Midguard click here is similar, but offers much better value at ~£60 click here (free delivery option available at checkout). G

  [email protected] 18:34 15 Jan 2010

Cooler Master actually specify the following about their HAF 922:

"Accommodates demanding high-end components including full length graphics cards" - click here.

I've never actually used one myself so don't have any first hand experience to pass any further comments though.

  AL47 19:08 15 Jan 2010

im in the same boat, im deciding on the coolermaster haf and the nzxt lexa blackline red

so out of the 2 id choose the coolermaster ive found it for £75

  GaT7 19:20 15 Jan 2010

[email protected], I think you're right - it'll be OK. I was confusing it with another similar case that appeared a little cramped for longer GPUs.

In my defence, I didn't say they wouldn't fit at all - only to go for a larger one "to accommodate the large card better" ;-), G

  AL47 20:03 15 Jan 2010

the 5970 radeon is a monster card! thats the test!

  AL47 00:54 16 Jan 2010

FYI, ive just decided on the HAF 922 for my build

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