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  Total Care Support 10:15 14 Apr 2005

Hi All

This is a personnel question from me, I was curious as to views and personnel preferences.

Considering all the information out there regarding these two products.

What would you prefer a system with 2 x 6800 Ultras or a system with a Ati X850XT PE?

Both companies claim that thiers is the fastest, and I do know that people tend to stick with one or the other in the choices when it comes to computers there are so many ATi fans who would not dream of switching to Nvidia and most likely the same number of Nvida fans who would not dream of using ATi, much the same as the great AMD/Intel debate, this is good for everone as it forces these companies to compete with each other to see who has the lead in the great horse race they are in.

So for now who do YOU think has the lead?

Bit of light hearted fun for the end of the week

regards to all


  PsiFox 11:49 14 Apr 2005

SLI is new and still has some compatibility problems. The fall back to one card if the game does not support SLI does not always work properly.

So for the average non technical user, in my opinion, the ATI option is currently best as the option least likely to result in unhappy end users

  Joe R 12:00 14 Apr 2005

Total Care Support,

I would imagine that for most people, it would come down to budget, and what you could afford.

I would have thought that the 6800's in an SLI setup would be a little faster, but the ATI X850XT PE, would be very capable of playing todays, and probably most of tomorrows games, at a high resolution with very good frame rates.

  Kate B 12:23 14 Apr 2005

*shameless bragging alert*

I've got two 6800 ultras coming in my new system and with the money available it was a no-brainer for me - even if the drivers are a bit flaky they'll be improved.

  Total Care Support 12:36 14 Apr 2005

nothing wrong with bragging Kate :o)

It was a hyperthetical question if you have to chose between the two set ups what would you go for.

Joe with some people it would come down to budget but when it comes to these big companies I know so many people who would only go with one or the other firm and no matter what you say they will remain loyal to that brand.


  Joe R 13:09 14 Apr 2005

Total Care Support,

Yes you are of course correct.

There will always be users, who will stick to Nvidia, or ATI cards, out of a sense of loyalty, and what they are used to running.

I myself a few years back, would use nothing other than the Voodoo range of cards, ( the company was swallowed by Nvidia ), but since I started doing self-build systems, for myself and others, I have used both ATI and Nvidia cards.

I feel that, if you can use a card that costs approximately half the price, and with no noticeable difference, then if I had to pick one, ( if only my wife said I could afford it ), then the ATI card would win hands down.

  garrema 13:15 14 Apr 2005

There are loads of polls out there and they can get heated sometimes as people advocate one or the other type. Have a look on Overclockers or guru3d for example

Kate B - I still think you should have waited for the new 512 mb Nvidias and run as an SLI setup

I await Doom3 ROE and will report how it runs on my ZX81

As its the end of the week can i go home now?

  Mortticia 13:37 14 Apr 2005

Why is it that all the new games (Well the ones I have seen anyway) say *Made for play on nVidia* on the welcome screen.I have never seen *Made for ATI* on any games,or is it just that there are such games but I haven't seen them.

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