Another variation on the bank account scams...

  Stuartli 08:26 23 Jan 2004

Surprise, surprise! This morning's batch of e-mails brought another variation on the financial scams theme, this time purporting to be from Visa.

"Sent" as a "Visa Security Update" from [email protected], although in reality it has come from an address, it reads:

Dear Sir/Madam, /h3> /p>
p> h5>We were informed that your credit card is used by another person or stolen.
It could happen if you have been shopping on-line, and someone got your "Billing information" including your credit card number.
To avoid and prevent any further fraud and billing mistakes and to refund your credit card, it is strongly recommended to proceed filling in the secure form on our site and applying for our Zero Liability program. Program is free and it will help us to confirm the fact of fraud and investigate this accident as soon as possible. /h5> /p>

P align=right>
target="_blank" action=click here method="get"> INPUT type="submit" value="Continue..."> /FORM> /P>

p> h5>Sincerely yours, Visa Support Assistant, Alwin Desagun. /h5> /p>

I know the members of this forum are unlikely to be fooled, but there are those in the big, bad world who could well be.

So make sure you don't become yet another "accident" statistic...:-)

It follows a warning, posted on January 19th on the Halifax website, about yet another scam e-mail claiming to be from the bank doing the rounds.

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