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  chawallah 16:57 14 Nov 2003

I am about to purchase a computer from Evesham and was looking for some advise from this forum as to which model to buy. I know, after reading various threads, that there are a lot of people out there who are fans of Evesham.

My choice are the following : Axis 2800+Wonder, Axis 2800+TR or the Axis 2600+MKR.

If there is anyone out there who has any of the above machines would be grateful for your input.

  Sir Radfordin 17:19 14 Nov 2003

It would no doubt be helpful if you could give some criteria against which to evaluate - for example; what you plan to do with it, what do you expect from it, do you ever want to upgrade and how much you want to spend.

  chawallah 18:28 14 Nov 2003

Sir Radfordin

All of the machines mentioned are below £1300.00 which is my budget.

Primarily will be using the computer for games, watching and burning dvds. And for general usage ie surf the net. At some stage i also want to send photos to family and friends around the world via e-mail. For this i will need a decent digital camera.

I want to be able to use this computer for around a couple of years before i upgrade, but saying should a hardware/software come out which i feel would be worth having then i wouldn't mind buying and upgarding. Hope this makes sense as you may have noticed not really computer literate hence why using this forum for advise.

  bfoc 18:58 14 Nov 2003

Got the Axis 2600+MKR at the end of September.

It looked wonderful, even impressed my wife which is difficult with technolgy, and worked fine straight out of the box.

Compared with my Axis 2400 Wonder from earlier this year it seemed appreciably faster, not just because of the chip speed difference but also because of the motherboard. The on-board sound through the Creative 5300 speakers (a no cost upgrade!) was better than I expected and the monitor looked very good, with no problems playing video. The inclusion of the Sony multi-format DVD writer made it very good value.

Since September there have not been any problems even after moving it across country to her University.

I can't really comment on the graphics card for the latest 3D games as she doesn't play them!

Of course my machine does have the TV options. However this has been a mixed blessing as Directx 9 was initially incompatible with the ATI Pal TV. Unfortunately I didn't realise it and spent ages trying to sort it out before discovering this. MS has relased a patch, but it has been quite complex getting it back to the way it was. I haven't yet quite managed it! I wish now I hadn't installed DirectX9! There may be advantages in keeping the graphics card and any TV and video import/export seperate. Although that would cost more!

It might be useful if you thought about how important different aspects are to you. In many ways getting a better 'core' specification as my daughter did should be better in the long term. One can always add better sound, a TV function and Video Import/Export later if you need it!

  [email protected] 19:11 14 Nov 2003

Hello Chawallah.

My latest Evesham PC (I'm on my 4th) 'Blue Lightning' 2.8 (Pentium 4) bought last month cost just under £1300 and it's pretty good for gaming. Well okay there's a few framerate/'loading game' grumbles when compared to my other similar Evesham PC but I'm sure It's because I haven't installed the latest patches/drivers yet :) oh yeah & they got the hard drive size wrong but I'm sure that'll be sorted soon (won't it customer support?)

I noticed with the models you've looked at, you cant dump the super duper MS cordless,optical keyboard & mouse, which are frankly useless for games. On my Blue Lightning model you can drop them and save a massive £00.00p!! Mine went staight in the bin anyway and besides, hidden inside my box was another little 'Evesham' rodent :)

Good luck.

  chawallah 15:08 15 Nov 2003

[email protected]
Are you saying that the MS cordless keyboard and optical mouse is not good for gaming?. What would you recommend then?. You must remember that i am illetrate when it comes to all the technical know how. Also would you say Intel is better then AMD?

Finally, as you appear to be an Evesham fan which of the 3 models that i have chosen would you buy?

  chawallah 15:16 15 Nov 2003


Thank you very much for your advise. I hope your daughter is still enjoying using the Axis 2600.

My question to you is this, would you advise one to get All-in-Wonder graphics card or should one be happy with the Radeon 9600?

I'm not a serious gamer as such the only game i play on my computer at the moment is Championship Manager. But i would like to play some of the new games which are now available but require a bigger processor, better graphic card etc. My computer at the moment is an old (5 years) Gateway system. i don't intend to play any games online, so do you feel the 3 machines i have chosen are good? If so would you say i buy the Axis 2600 or go for the one that has the All-in Wonder card?

  [email protected] 21:12 15 Nov 2003

Hey there Chawallah.
You might take to the MS cordless,optical keyboard/mouse, give it a go before you bin it :)
Me? I'm using a normal MS keyboard and MS optical mouse (both corded).

I couldn't tell you if Intel are better than Athlon, really I'm no expert, I guess if there's an Athlon version of my PC though, it may be cheaper?

I've been looking at the machines you've shortlisted (and you're spending about the same as me). My eye is on the Axis 2800+Wonder
nice brand new sony MULTI dvd writer
plus seperate dvd drive (hehe make one a region one player and you're away).
SBlaster Audigy 2
128mb Ati Radion 9800SE - I'm no sure about this SE thing. and it can't be changed. mine was to come with a Ati 9600 but I upgraded it to a 9800PRO. It's probably a cool card, I'm just not sure.

Damn I've changed my mind! :) The Axis 2600 system allows you to upgrade the graphics card, I'd be tempted to go for the Ati Radion 9800PRO, and upt the processor to 2800 too.

Whatever you decide matey, take your time, it's a lot to spend.

  bfoc 00:42 16 Nov 2003

It really depends how important the TV/Video aspects are to you.

I have had 2 Wonder cards in my last two machines, hoping to have time to do some video editing and until now have never got round to it!

I have found the TV useful, but as I said the drivers for it sometimes cause problems and this can then affect the whole display. The Teletext is very unstable!

If I was choosing now, I would probably go for the fastest 'pure' graphics card my budget would allow and then if I wanted TV/Video options get that separately. My other daughter has a laptop and uses a USB TV attachment which works fine!

So if you really need the TV/Video facilities of the AIW then go for that, but if not, or if you are not sure, go for the 'pure' graphics card, but I haven't found any speed comparisions and I'm not sure which version of 9600 is currently in the 2600+MKR. Some of these cost MORE than some of the 9800 AIW! There are so many different cards it really is difficult to compare them.

Not really much help am I?

  chawallah 15:12 17 Nov 2003

Thank you [email protected], bfoc and Sir Radfordin for your advise.

I still haven't decided which one i'm going to buy.

But [email protected] i'll definatly be taking my time.


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