Another "Which laptop?" Thread!

  sarahriggs 12:03 13 Jan 2015

Hi all,

I'm looking to replace my (not even 3 year old!) laptop as it's frustratingly slow! So wanting something a bit higher spec that doesn't cost the earth!

I currently have: ASUS EeePC X101CH with 1GB RAM, Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor and 320GB HDD on Windows 7 Starter.

I mainly use it for internet browsing and can usually have several tabs open at once. Occasionally watch videos or use google maps. My current laptop can't handle this and keeps freezing! Also occasional basic photo editing and use of itunes (which my current laptop hates with a passion!)

I would like at least 4GB RAM (would prefer 8GB but can upgrade at a later date, so the laptop will need to be able to handle this), 500GB HDD and much faster processor! I would prefer a netbook, but not fussed if i can get a better value full sized laptop. I would like decent battery life, although i will usually be using it at home, i'd like the battery to last longer long term! (My current laptop now has to be connected to the charger most of the time to avoid it switching off when it's had enough. Now doesn't even give me the low battery warning!) I like the idea of a touchscreen laptop, but is it worth the money?

I will be more than likely buying off the high street for convenience (not waiting in for delivery. Can collect in store) so would prefer something that is available in Currys/PC World, Argos, Tesco Direct, etc. My budget would probably be around £300

I've tried looking on these websites myself, but they all look the same to me and got confused with the reviews! Any advice and suggestions will be much appreciated!


  john bunyan 12:20 13 Jan 2015

Have a look here for a bargain!

Tesco - Toshiba

  sarahriggs 13:00 13 Jan 2015

Thanks John, but:

"Sorry, there are currently no sellers for this product" :-(

Shame, looked like pretty good spec!

  john bunyan 13:07 13 Jan 2015

A bit dearer at PC world

PC World

  sarahriggs 14:57 13 Jan 2015

Hmmm a tiny bit more than I was expecting to spend! Is there much difference between that one and this one? click here

  wee eddie 15:17 13 Jan 2015

With the budget you have, you are not going to get a fast laptop.

You are, once again going to be stuck with the slowest kid on the block. Of course, it will be faster than the one you already have but I am not sure that you will be spending your £300.00 wisely.

A smaller sum spent on increasing your current RAM might be more appropriate.

  john bunyan 15:19 13 Jan 2015

I am not an expert, but that one looks good - the AMD processor seems on a par with the 3i. I do not like touchscreens myself so did not look for that feature. My local repair shop finds Toshiba parts are easier to get. We have 2 earlier models still going strong after 4 years - one (used by a 19 year old grand daughter at 2nd year Uni) has had 2 screens (sat on), 2 Keyboards ("water" or beer damage) , a new HD and a new battery - all user caused I suspect. Our identical model has had no issues!

  sarahriggs 15:45 13 Jan 2015

@eddie I looked into increasing the RAM in my current laptop but heard from a few online sources that this particular laptop cannot be upgraded as the RAM has been soldered onto the motherboard and so will be no easy way of doing this! After some brief research I kept coming up with the same answers so guess it must be true!

I'm not looking for a super duper Ferrari speed laptop as I won't get the full use out of it. Just one that gets me to a website in less than 5 mins would be nice!

@john Easy to get hold of parts is a bonus! I might look into Toshiba in a bit more detail this evening. I don't mind paying to upgrade/repair at a later date. In fact i'd rather that than keep buying a new machine every few years to keep up with technology.

  sarahriggs 16:02 13 Jan 2015

I also forgot to mention i moved house just before xmas and had to kit it all out with furniture plus a new washing machine at the weekend! So don't have any money left on the money tree to go too high on spec!

  john bunyan 16:20 13 Jan 2015

Just one that gets me to a website in less than 5 mins would be nice!

I assume your basic download speed via the router is OK? I use to check. I have an up to 8mbps service and am getting 7 -8 mbps.

Hope you enjoy your new house - hope you find a PC that suits you.

  sarahriggs 16:29 13 Jan 2015

Yes, router speed is absolutely fine! We have fibre optic that's just been installed and even had the same problem at the old house. You can tell it's the computer rather than the Internet connection because the webpage freezes and won't let you do anything until it decides to work again!

Thank you :-)

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