Another Microland problem :-(

  arpwarden 10:08 26 Aug 2004

Well here goes,

On the 22/07/04 I placed an order for an XFX 6800GT that with delivery came to £327.45. At the time of the order the the site showed 20 odd in stock and that it would be dispatched within 1-3 days. An hour later the site showed 15 or so in stock and that the item would be dispatched when stock arrives in 39 days! I phoned the customer services line twice (first attempt gave up after an hour got through on second attempt after 1 1/2 hours) to check whether I had been issued from stock or had to wait 39 days. I was informed that it would be 39 days so I cancelled the order.

A week later I had still not had an email confirming that the order had been cancelled and the order tracking on the web site gave no indication of a cancellation so I emailed the company but had no reply within 3 days. I then phoned the company (1 hour wait) and spoke to a person (Stupidly I never noted their name) who confirmed that the order was indeed cancelled, I requested an email confirming this and an e.t.a. for the refund, I was told that this should be within a 'couple' of days. I did not receive an email and no refund.

Approximately a week after this I emailed the company again with no reply so phoned (Only 50 minutes this time) again I didn't take the persons name (I've learnt my lesson on this one) but was informed that the refund would be issued in a 'few' days and that I would receive an email to say so. Again I received no conformation and no refund.

On the 18/08/2004 (27 days after cancellation) I phoned again (and emailed but no reply) with another long wait, and carefully, and I would say civilly, informed the customer services representative of the situation and that they were approaching the end of the 28 day period stated on the web site for refunds to be issued. The person was quite 'rude' to me and said they 'Still had one day so what was the problem' and in explanation of having no emails answered 'we get loads of junk so how do you expect us to look through that'. I remained calm and asked to speak to someone who could inform me when I would receive my refund but was told there was no one else and that somebody would email me. To date I have not had that email or the refund.

Since I have had two abbortive attempts to phone (1 1/2 hour waits then the phone lines are turned off) and have emailed in vain. Due to the phone lines being 10p/min I can not sit on the phone all hours of the day until I get an answer. I am now at my wits end and more than concerned that I have lost £327.45.

  spuds 11:20 26 Aug 2004

If you paid by credit card, consult your credit card provider. If you paid by debit card or other means, contact the trading standards for more advice on gaining re-address to your problem.

Microland have stated that they will have a presense within the PCA forum, and this is their contact PCA email address [email protected]

Keep the forum informed as to the outcome, and good luck with your task.

  MarcusPie 13:10 26 Aug 2004

Hi I note your problem with this company and I am so tired of telling my story now that if you want to see it go to click here.

I also am awaiting a refund I made my order on 8th July 2004, and as of the time of writing (26/08/04) I have not been given that refund.

I contacted Trading Standards some time ago and they have been very good. Get in touch with your local office (normally done by County) and THEN REGISTER your grievance against the company with

Stockport Trading Standards whose details are:

Telephone: 0845 6444301
Email: [email protected]

They are registering all our complaints against the Company and so you will do yourself and others a massive favour by calling them.

When you've done that write a letter addressed to the Directors (the address is on their website if you look) and send it recorded delivery.

I sent mine today!

  arpwarden 13:19 26 Aug 2004

I might have got a result here!

Thanks spuds, I used the email you gave and have had a fairly rapid response from them stating that the refund should be issued by close of business tomorrow.

I shall see and keep you all posted. :-)

  Forum Editor 18:51 26 Aug 2004

I'll look forward to hearing that your refund has been processed.

  Grendle 16:22 29 Aug 2004

Having just returned from a few days away, I have STILL not had the letter that Microland advised me on 16 August was posted to me. I have also contacted Stockport Trading Standards again and will be taking the matter even further.

  arpwarden 08:36 31 Aug 2004

Well true to their word I've had the refund. Thanks to spuds for the address. I can breath a little easier now :)

  Baz63 12:07 04 Sep 2004

I've had exactly the same problem, but with the sapphire x800xt.

Check this out
click here

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