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  rogertjj 09:54 19 Mar 2004

MY dad ordered a Mesh 2800+XL at the end of February. It was delevered last week, but he has been on Holiday, and has only recently set it up.

On first turning on the machine, he said it came up with a message saying 'Checksum error'. He said he pressed F1 to restore the defaults, and the machine loaded OK. I don't know what this error means, but I would have thought that it would have been tested before being sent to him. Anyone know what this error means ?

Then, he had a problem with the 5.1 speakers not working. He could get the front speakers working, but not the rear speakers. Or, he could get the rear speakers working but not the front ones. It later conspired that the AC97 sound drivers hadn't been installed. After installing them, the speakers worked fine. Again, something I would have though should be tested before sending to him.

He did not receive the Pinnacle Studio software, but judging by previous posts, it's not that good, but he should still have received it.

Also, it states on the website, and his order, that the case would be a 'tool free access' case. Apparently, it only has screws on the case, and not thumb screws. As far as I am aware, these screws require a 'tool' to undo.

I am quite disappointed with the state of the machine, considering I bought a Mesh last year, and was completely happy with it. Based on this, I recommended them to my Dad.

I know these are minor points, and things that can be sorted out, but it does not fill you with confidence. But, as I said, my Mesh machine is fab, and I have had no cause for complaint at all.

  arricarry 11:32 19 Mar 2004

Hello - I do not know what is going on at Mesh, it seems that "them that makes them" do not get on with "them that sells and supports them". It is very hard not to get annoyed when your system arrives in instalments and is not put together correctly. Support do try to be helpful when you complain, but I am sure most people do not want to complain in the first place. As a business plan I would recommend some serious "laying on" of Hobnailed boots in the Gluteus Maximus region of the offending miscreants. I hope the curse of Multivision has not found another corporate body to co-inhabit, but the signs are there.

  MESH Support 11:47 19 Mar 2004

I'm sorry to hear that your father has had a bit of a rocky start with his new Mesh PC.

I am unsure as to why he would receive the error on boot that he did but on speaking to our production engineers I have been advised the correct action was to do as you have done.

Regarding the speakers, by default the system is configured as a simple two speaker system and a simple change is all that is required to enable multiple speaker setups. It should not have been necessary to re-install the drivers but this would have the effect of enabling all speakers in full 5.1 mode. Please note our reason for our choice of configuration is that with the onboard sound systems, the enabling of 5.1 or higher often removes the microphone facility.

There are two Pinnacle titles we supply at the moment, Pinnacle Studio and Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD. The Instant CD/DVD title comes with all systems with a CD or DVD writer. The Studio may come with one or two systems that we have configured to work as video editing systems, or it is available as an additional upgrade.

We have several different cases and not all offer the same sort of tool free access. Only the ones specifically advertised should have this feature. However at the very least you should have the thumb-screws for accessing the outside of the case.

If you would send me your serial/order number to [email protected] along with your screenname (rogertjj) I'll be able to look into whether the Pinnacle Studio software should have been supplied, and I can send you some thumb-screws to replace the normal screws you have.

  rogertjj 14:45 19 Mar 2004

Thanks for all responses.

I'll send you a mail with the order number as soon as I can get it. Thanks for your quick reply though.

I am sure that my Dad will be happy to hear that such support is available, and I am equally happy knowing that you respond to any queries with Mesh machines as quickly as you do, especially as I have a Mesh machine, which has been faultless so far.

Thanks again.

  rogertjj 14:49 19 Mar 2004

Just a quick question. What does the 'Checksum' error mena, and what causes it to happen ??

  MESH Support 15:09 19 Mar 2004

Checksum error isn't just restricted to the BIOS.

When data needs to be correct values are taken that represent the data and stored as a form of key. When a check is made to see if the data has been altered or corrupted, the values are taken and compared with the stored key. If they don't match the common response is to report a checksum error.

Something was obviously changed within the BIOS and the key in your case wasn't updated to reflect this hence the message.

If it was caused by a fault you would usually see the checksum message appear even after the key and data has been synchronised.

Hope this helps


Mesh Support

  rogertjj 15:48 19 Mar 2004

Thanks Davey.

You deserve a really big pay rise. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks :)

  rogertjj 09:39 22 Mar 2004


I have now looked at my Dad's PC, and when it boots up, it states it only has 32MB Ram ? When it has loaded XP, from the System Properties, it says it has 480MB Ram, and not 512MB as it should have. Has this got something to do with the Checksum error he received when he first turned the machine on ??

I also sent you an email with his order number. Let me know if you didn't get it.


  byfordr 10:02 22 Mar 2004

Do you have a graphics card or is it onboard?

If don't read the screen carefully when it boots up, it may be some of your memory is being used by the onboard graphics.


  MESH Support 10:22 22 Mar 2004

Received your email with thanks.

Your thumb screws and Pinnacle CD will be on their way to you today via the post, so expect them tomorrow at the earliest, Wednesday at the latest.

The video chip in your system is a part of the motherboard and so it obtains it's memory from the main system pool.

This is the 32mb you see at bootup. This is taken from the 512mb leaving the 480mb you see reported within Windows.


Mesh Support

  rogertjj 10:49 22 Mar 2004

OK, thanks a lot Davey. Your help is very much appreciated.

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