another IE flaw -no fix till 10th October

  Sethhaniel 11:12 21 Sep 2006

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Microsoft has issued warnings about a serious flaw in Internet Explorer that allows attackers to hijack a PC via the popular browser.
Security firm Sunbelt Software said the vulnerability was being actively exploited on some porn websites.

So far there is no fix to close the bug in the browsing program but Microsoft has issued advice about how to avoid falling victim.

It said it would patch the bug in its next security update due on 10 October.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:24 21 Sep 2006

Like all IE 'flaws' it cannot be too serious.


  Sethhaniel 13:02 21 Sep 2006

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and gem from its tems & conditions:-
Potentially Unwanted Software
If you remove or disable “spyware,” “adware” and other potentially unwanted software (“potentially unwanted software”), it may cause other software on your computer to stop working, and it may cause you to breach a license to use other software on your computer (such as where the other software installed the potentially unwanted software on your computer as a condition of your use of the other software). By using features of the service intended to help you remove or disable potentially unwanted software, it is possible that you will also remove or disable software that is not potentially unwanted software. If a feature of the service prompts you before removing or disabling potentially unwanted software, you are solely responsible for selecting which potentially unwanted software the service removes or disables. Before authorizing the removal of any potentially unwanted software, you should read the license agreements for the potentially unwanted software

  lisa02 15:15 21 Sep 2006


Some software that is given freely comes bundled with adware/spyware. That's how it's paid for, the people that own the adware pay the software vendor for what they are giving away free as long as their crap is bundled in. If you remove the adware then the software won't work and, or you'll be breaking the EULA.

*waves hands in the air and runs for the hills at the thought of another IE flaw*

  skidzy 15:39 21 Sep 2006

What really amazes me is how IE is always open to possible attack's.So the security people say !

We all know about the possible flaws in IE,but surely...your safety is all about how you use the internet and emails.

IE 7 about to be released,are we to expect more flaws and possible scare mongering !

As said above "vulnerability was being actively exploited on some porn websites" for what it is worth,unlucky to those who are exploited by viewing these seedy sites.

I do take security issues serious,but am a believer in safe surfing and a bit of common sense,this i drum into my boys and to date they have never been caught with a virus or any other security issues that i know of.

Yes the little spyware and cookies,but nothing that cannot be handled easily enough.

My question would be: How safe is IE ?

My answer would be: Very safe if used correctly !

In saying that,il stick to Firefox thankyou :-)))

  Sethhaniel 15:45 21 Sep 2006

"What really amazes me is how IE is always open to possible attack's"
because it's big -
if IE dissapeared overnight - the target would change to 'Firefox' (or some other) and probably open up a can of worms in its programming ;)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:48 21 Sep 2006

I have never dealt with a computer that has become infected directly form these mythical flaws....I've dealt with amny that have been affected by a lack of commobn sense though.



  Sethhaniel 16:04 21 Sep 2006

see its past your bedtime again


  skidzy 16:31 21 Sep 2006

What really amazes me is how IE is always open to possible attack's"
because it's big -

Yes i know that Seth,but like i say....common sense normally prevails over dodgey surfing.Yes accidents happen,for instance,clicking on a Google link and being redirected to a porn site.
But overall i believe in using common sense and normally all will be well.

Regarding Firefox,its probably only a matter of time before this is exploited more.

  Forum Editor 18:02 21 Sep 2006

and I'll move it across there now.

  Input Overload 21:38 21 Sep 2006

It seems the only sites that are taking advantage of the issue are those dealing in pr0n. The moral would be as always to avoid such sites.

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