Another box retune coming for Freeview customers

  TopCat® 14:16 29 Sep 2009

Apparently, more viewers will have access to Channel Five but there is a downside to this retune for some, as outlined in this article. TC. click here

  961 14:58 29 Sep 2009

One of the problems here in the Scottish Borders (who were the first to have analogue shut down) is that, week by week, minor changes take place to the freeview spectrum. No publicity is given to this but older viewers who aren't up with all this and who, perhaps, have had a whole lot of "stuff" installed under their tv, perhaps by a friend or even under the BBC system, just have no idea what is going on

Week by week the freeview system will give notice of "new channels" and suggest a retune

Generally, you'll find this is a shopping channel or (forgive me) the "nuts" channel

What does a 75 year old make of that?

Now, the spectrum is being shifted to allow for freeview hd, and some of the "major" channels (don't you just love it?) like itv 3 and 4 are being moved

And if I don't retune I'll lose some football. As will the 75 year old next door if I don't go and retune his box for him because he just can't get his head round all this rubbish

And if he's unlucky and has bought the wrong make, it will go kerplunk and not work any more

Aren't you glad you're not old

  Stuartli 15:35 29 Sep 2009

These are very old set top boxes, produced long before today's updated technology.

I've several STBs and an integrated TV - if left on Standby overnight they normally retune themselves if necessary, as well as update the EPG.

The TV, during the day, will flash a message if a retune is necessary. This can be done by pressing the OK button or undertaking it manually later.

  Stuartli 15:37 29 Sep 2009

This is due to the fact that they are being moved to a different MUX - there are six MUX outputs at each transmitter.

If you wish to check out your transmitter go to:

click here

  Stuartli 15:38 29 Sep 2009

We've got at least two more full retunes during November and December with the full digital switchover at Winter Hill.

  961 16:07 29 Sep 2009

Thsnks for those nuggets

But if you are not exactly very well and don't know how to deal with all this....

and someone came and plonked a box beside your tv and gave you a remote...

and it doesn't work tomorrow and they've either moved, or gone away or...even...shuffled off this.......

It's no good saying, check out your transmitter, click here!

And, with respect, some of these boxes that no longer work were being sold here as late as the beginning of this year!

  Stuartli 20:10 29 Sep 2009

>>And, with respect, some of these boxes that no longer work were being sold here as late as the beginning of this year!>>

Well, with respect, if such a box was bought so recently (and which is difficult to believe), then you are reasonably entitled to have it changed or obtain a refund as it is not fit for purpose. See:

click here

>>It's no good saying, check out your transmitter, click here!>>

I didn't say that. I stated:

"If you wish to check out your transmitter go to:"

which is completely different, was a general tip and up to an individual forum member whether to do so or not.

By the way, in your comment about retuning, you mentioned the Nuts channel.

This was taken off air in October 2008 and replaced by CNN International after being available on Freeview for just over two years.

So some of what you claim with regard to the need to "keep retuning" seems somewhat doubtful, to say the least.

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