Annoyed with Ebuyer returns

  AdeJ 12:30 17 Nov 2004

I ordered a video card as a birthday present it was unstable from day one and after a couple of weeks of tweaks and suggestions from the manucturer's support team it was returned as faulty.

It took a month for them to confirm that it was faulty - bad enough when it's a birthday present but what makes it worse is they haven't refunded the carriage on the order or the cost of returning the faulty item.

Very efficient Ebuyer - naturally I have complained but reading on here it seems their returns service could do with a major improvement..

  TomJerry 13:34 17 Nov 2004

you will receive refund after that. I got refund about one week.

By the way, it might be quicker if you went to manufacturer directly because the warrenty is actually provided by manufacturer although the responsiblity is with Ebuyer.

  AdeJ 19:33 17 Nov 2004

..when the postage cost is clearly marked on the box that they took receipt of - AND they 'forgot' to refund the carriage I paid originally for them to send me the defective card - that should be automatic and not something customers have to chase.

And I know what you mean about the manufacturer's warranty - but legally speaking they arent obliged to deal with me as my contract isn't with them.

  AdeJ 15:51 18 Nov 2004

I had a reply to my enote today (at least it only took a day) advising that they were refunding the return costs.

However they neglected to refund the original carriage costs and I've had to go through the enote process again for something that should have been common sense and included in their procedures!!

  AdeJ 13:58 23 Nov 2004

Latest update - they have refunded the carriage costs but despite having an enote last week that they were refunding the return costs, someone forgot to actually do it and I've had to raise yet another enote.

I appreciate everyone has glitches and errors - even more so at this busy time of year - but the complete inefficiency of Ebuyers returns process and the constant need to chase refunds will definitely make me think twice before using them again..

  bigray 15:34 23 Nov 2004

After so many problems with ebuyer, I just wont buy from them,with all the complaints in this forum I am surprised they are still in business,but I must admit prices are cheap, but are they in the long run.

  AdeJ 21:33 13 Dec 2004

After 8 e-notes and a month of patience I am STILL waiting for the return postage refund on the returned order - despite having had 3 enotes now telling me "I have just refunded your card..."

I have now issued notice of intent to pursue County Court action - it might seem a little drastic given the small sums involved but Ebuyer aren't doing anything, Trading Standards aren't doing anything, and if they 'forget' these costs on even a small percentage of the thousands of returns they must handle, I dread to think what the final sum would be...

  Totally-braindead 23:58 13 Dec 2004

I don't use them anymore due to problems with them, I go elsewhere and shop about and can find most things at a similar price.

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