Anglebarts are not all that!

  Mr Alien 10:37 25 Jun 2004


Yesterday I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a USB/Bluetooth Anglebart TS600, (6gb), having heard all the rage about Anglebarts being the way forwards for Media reception.

It is absolutly rubbish! It needs its own power supply (USB does not provide enough current to drive the mechanical parts) and hence it is NOT mobile and suitable for operating with a laptop on the top of a mountain (unless there is a powerpoint there on the summit), and the data transfer rate is ridiculously slow (like 45 minutes to download onto the full 6gm). I also can't see a point of having bluetooth if you need to plug it in anyway!

I would strongly advise you to stay well clear, and I can't see them taking off!

  €dstowe 10:47 25 Jun 2004

?????????????? I've never heard of an Anglebart. Neither has my Google.

What is the "having heard all the rage about Anglebarts being the way forwards for Media reception." about please?

P.S. as you are Mr Alien, are you sure this thing has reached this planet yet?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:49 25 Jun 2004

Your new supply of tablets are ready at the chemist.


  Forum Editor 10:56 25 Jun 2004

either - whatever they are.

A detailed search using multiple search engines has not produce a single reference to this device Mr Alien, so perhaps "all the rage about Anglebarts being the way forwards for Media reception." has been happening on some other astral plane.

  Mr Alien 10:58 25 Jun 2004

That's what it is called on the box, and that's what everyone was queing for.

It's like a harddrive, that can receive data via bluetooth or USB, but you can also plug your digital camera into it and download directly from your camera onto the Anglebart, which I guess is useful for when you are on hols.

But why do they claim it is a portable device due to bluetooth connectivity? How can I use it on the move if I have to plug it in? What is the point in having bluetooth if it needs power?

I will be taking this back, and do not recommend it.

  €dstowe 11:09 25 Jun 2004

Can you point us in a direction to where we might find it?

  Forum Editor 11:15 25 Jun 2004

I'll be wandering along Tottenham Court Road in about an hour's time, so I'll see if I can find an Anglebart.

  Forum Editor 11:21 25 Jun 2004

all Bluetooth devices need power - either from the mains or from a battery. I use my PDA on the move (you couldn't have anything that fits the description 'portable device' better) but I still need to plug it into the mains to recharge the battery. Bluetooth technology simply enables devices to talk to each other without wires - it's a wireless technology to that extent - but the devices themselves all need power.

As for that mountain-top, I can think of no good reason to want to connect a hard drive to a laptop up there, and you'll need a satellite uplink if you want to surf the net in the Himalaya highlands.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:33 25 Jun 2004

Naturally you can direct us to the web page or manufacturer...perhaps when the nurses have finished?

Only a nutter would take a laptop to the top of a mountain and I still do not know what the Anglebart thing does. Is it a USB memory stick?


  Mr Alien 11:34 25 Jun 2004

Yes it was from Tot. Court road, I can't find the receipt to figure out the shops name, but it had an asian fellow serving behind the desk and when they closed they put up red shutters (if that helps).

The box is bright yellow, and has a picture of an Anglebart in the middle, and around that in a semi-circular arrangment are 1) a teenager listening to music on headphones, 2) a camera lens 3)a cellphone 4)a laptop and 5) a girl in a field with buttercups.

It says Anglebart media box USB v2.0 bluetooth 6GB (146x3.5mm) +12V

Then it has lots of oriental writing, and a blue rosette in the corner with white oriental writing on it. They are selling for £114 which I though was good consering DVD RW cost £60 + the price of discs

  Mr Alien 11:41 25 Jun 2004

OK I dont want to climb a mountain twith it.
I actually want it for when I am in a park, in the car, on the train, on holiday....whatever. And I think it is a good way to transfer my photos when on holiday and my 256mb memorystick gets full.

BUT.....I am complaining that the mobility function is useless because the USB lead does not supply it with enough power to turn the mechanical parts (hence there is a powere adapter to plug it in with), thus it actually cannot be used on the move in, say, a park, or on a beech. Furthermore the bluetooth aspect is useless because why would you need to have the anglebart in a different room to yuor laptop.

It just seems like a USB DVD-RW is a more suitable consumer item to this, and at least they can work without being plugged in. (I think).

The advantage of using it on the move is so you can listen to music (like a 6gb mp3 player, or work on large projects which is something I do a lot)

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