Android Tablet 4.0 - Only £99 - Is it worth it?

  Rowan Langley 18:01 13 Aug 2012

Hello guys,

Long time forum lurker here! Been looking for a cheap(ish) tablet to keep the kids occupied over the summer, to stop their mum going mad! I've managed to find a tablet called the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora, specs seem reasonable and it's on offer I think from the website.

Am just wondering if anyone has one of these or anything similar and what there thoughts are on it? Just needs to play games and movies (think that's all they'll need), then that's good enough.

Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated!


  siouxah1 10:07 14 Aug 2012

They are on sail frm Amazon. There are a couple of reviews there. Sorry unable to post a link.

  siouxah1 10:08 14 Aug 2012

Of course that should be sale!!

  SimpleSimon1 13:52 14 Aug 2012

You might want to take a look at the A1CS FUSION5 XTRA...10inch screen, Android ICS and 16GB for 160 squid. It has been reviewed by PCA ( Review here) who were [IMHO] a bit snotty about it and suggesting that a Galaxy Tab 2 was a better bet....albeit, for considerably more money

However, if you take a look at Amazon (Reviews here), people who have bought it as a budget tablet seem very happy with it. More importantly, my sister-in-law has got one and she is very happy with it, as well. In fact, she is so happy that I'm going to buy one for my wife (a 'low power' user) as her first tablet.

Given the price, if W8 and Surface prove to be game changers for the tablet market, we won't be too sad to replace it as the new 'wave' comes along

  tigertop2 17:19 14 Aug 2012

I have had a Sumvision Cyclone+ tablet for a month now Loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and many other goodies. Has an SD slot for extra storage and does everything I want without a problem--it cost £79 including P&p

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