Android 4.0 Tablet PC7 Information

  spuds 10:47 29 Mar 2013

I have been offered a new Android 4.0 (ice cream) Tablet PC 7" Touch Screen 512MB.

Its all rather confusing for me, so I am hoping that someone who as one of these, can lead me onto the right 'pros and cons' route for these units, and whether they are just a gizmo, or/and what further applications should be obtained for improvement, without going over the top, so to say?.

Any help and advice appreciated

  spuds 14:08 29 Mar 2013

Refresh to top of list. 36 views and no responses, people must be on holiday?.

  spuds 09:59 30 Mar 2013

Gone ahead and made a purchase,expecting delivery next week, so hopefully it will be experimenting time, or a 'into the spare drawer, might use one day' event?.

Will tick as resolved.

  Woolwell 12:32 30 Mar 2013

Sorry that you haven't had any replies. You didn't mention brand or model. There is quite a difference between the cheap models and something like a Samsung Galaxy tab eg access to Google Play Store.

  spuds 13:44 30 Mar 2013

Woolwell, thank you for your response.

I don't know the model or brand, because it is one of those eBay promotional offers. By the seller's 100% feedback, and the amount they have sold, they appear to be a good buy.

Anyway I have gone ahead with the purchase. If it works out fine as a learning and experiment curve, then that will be okay. Otherwise its another gizmo in the 'to use one day' drawer.

I was just wondering what applications might be worth having, other than the ones the device apparently already as. I did a YouTube search and viewing, including a full tutorial for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. didn't seem to be much on the 'cheaper' imports?.

  Woolwell 14:01 30 Mar 2013

There are so many apps that it can be difficult to choose. Games - Angry Birds, if it doesn't already have it then Google Maps, youtube, BBC iPlayer, ITV player, Catchup TV, it depnds on what you want to do.

  rdave13 20:43 30 Mar 2013

spuds, I bought two last * for the children. About £60 each. 1.2 Ghz cpu and half a gig ram. Battery life poor, browsing slow (check out the Dolphin browser in Google play store), chargers dangerous (replaced) but the games play well enough for them. At least you can play around with the settings for these tablets.

If I buy another one I'll certainly spend more with a minimum cpu speed of 1.5 GHz and a minimum of 1 GB ram.

  spuds 09:51 31 Mar 2013

rdave13, the models you purchased, are most likely the same or very similar to the unit I have purchased, so I will take your comments in mind, when the device arrives, possibly before next weekend.

The sellers 100% feedback, did seem to have similar comments, that "the kid's love them". So I may end up as a kid, until I progress further?.

The other thing that made me decide on this seller, was not only the 100% feedback, but the promise of a 'full and total' no quibble refund guarantee.

  rdave13 10:13 31 Mar 2013

These are the tablets I purchased, link, and I noticed that they now don't come with the power adapter! So a bit cheaper. One thing to consider is when you install an app don't let it auto update, do that manually. Saves a bit on the juice. Have fun.

Oh and if you need to reset it for any reason it goes back to Chinese so you'll have to remember the path to change the language. I found out the hard way lol.

  The Kestrel 11:09 31 Mar 2013

I have this 7" tablet, which although not the fastest in the world when browsing is good enough for all my needs. I have taken it abroad and used it for emailing, browsing and even checked in online for flights without any problems.

  spuds 11:19 31 Mar 2013

Thanks guys. Having a quick look at the two links brings up many reviews, so I will check those out later.

Not sure whether the item comes with adapter, but I have a few of those available. Just a case of sorting out the right socket and voltage?.

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