Analogue reception on a new TV

  Grampa1 11:50 07 Mar 2010

I watch European Eurosport through an old analogue dish and decoder on an old(ish) CRT TV, together with the normal terrestrial channels 1 to 5. (My area has not stopped this service yet.) I also watch Freeview through a set top box. Everything works fine, with £0 subscription charge, BUT:

I guess I shall need to buy a new TV soon, and I need to know if the latest LCD and Plasma TV's, particularly those with built in freeview, will accept an input from an analogue satellite decoder. (And the terrestrial 1 - 5 channels until switched off.) It seems many German channels and CNN still use this analogue satellite system in addition to Eurosport.

Can someone help please.

  canarieslover 12:26 07 Mar 2010

I've just bought an LG lcd tv and use an old analogue dish for the same reason that you do. I connect it via SCART and select that as the input on the tv when I want to watch Eurosport. Their cycling coverage is better than British Eurosport. My digital recorder also accepts the signal via SCART so that I can record as well.

  961 14:18 07 Mar 2010

Most current tv s have an analogue tuner and a freeview tuner as well. Some also have a freesat tuner (for digital sat transmissions)

Once the analogue system ends (2012?) it's reasonable to assume that makers will no longer bother to put analogue tuners in UK sets, which will pose a problem for those of us who pipe tv signals round the house using the analogue spectrum

The easy answer is that if you are going to buy a new tv soon, why not buy it now? Apart from the problem you describe it's also the case that with the falling value of the £, and the possibility of a vat increase, tv s probably are as cheap as they are likely to be for some time if you buy now

  Chris the Ancient 15:01 07 Mar 2010

Just bought a Samsung 32" LCD tv and that still has an analogue input via a normal rf banana socket. Not sure what happens over freeview, though; not tried it.

  anchor 12:25 08 Mar 2010

I agree with canarieslover.

Assuming that your satellite decoder has a scart output, (the new TV will certainly have a scart input); just connect the two, and tune the TV to the appropriate scart channel.

  dms_05 13:54 08 Mar 2010

Analogue satellite is slowly disappearing. The transmissions from Astra 1 at 19 degs are one of the few left mainly because of the way German TV is structured. The Germans took to satellite in a big way because many of their free stations are also regional stations and the only way to receive them out of area is by satellite. So many Germans still use the old analogue transmissions and so EuroSport and CNN still transmit analogue on these satellites.

You can. as others have said, continue to watch your old analogue satellite receiver through a SCART socket and it will be no different on a new LCD set. If you buy a widescreen set then the old analogue picture is 4:3 whereas modern TV is largely 16:9 so you will have black borders either side.

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