AMD64 2.4Ghz or Pentium M 1.7Ghz Centrino?

  bradwell boy 13:02 29 Apr 2005

I am looking at a pair of laptops with identical spec, except for the processors. Will use it for home use (office) the odd game, internet, downloads, occasional travel but general portability. Will one of the above provide something the other doesn't or can't? Are they so identical that the fact the centrino machine is lighter and battery lasts longer the only real difference?

  tenplus1 14:01 29 Apr 2005

If you want power, go for the AMD64, if you want battery life, go for the Centrino :)

  Joe R 14:19 29 Apr 2005

bradwell boy,

As already stated, the AMD64, is a more powerful CPU than the centrino, but the battery life will be nowhere near that of the Intel CPU.

  bradwell boy 16:29 29 Apr 2005

You've both said the AMD is more powerful. I thought that although the Centrino states a lower Ghz power it actually runs at a much higher speed. Thought I saw something saying 1.6Ghz pentium M equivalent to a 2.7Ghz Pentium 4? Is that not the case. Or are AMD 64 a differnt tale again.

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