AMD or INTEL ???

  Big Big C 17:42 05 Mar 2004

Which pc would run faster assuming comparative ram graphics cards etc, an Intel 3 Ghz or AMD 3200+ ?

  antoni34 18:27 05 Mar 2004

Their specs might seem slower than a Pentium, but the price is cheaper !!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:54 05 Mar 2004

There will be no discernible difference. Go with what your pocket can afford.


  ANDY-212408 18:56 05 Mar 2004

can intel 3ghz run faster than athlon 3200+ which is only 2Ghz (i believe)? Please excuse my ignorance, a technical explanation (in plain english) would be appreciated.

  byfordr 19:04 05 Mar 2004

Try click here they have some detailed tests in easy to understand language


  simonp1 00:23 06 Mar 2004

You also have to consider your MB and your ram. Unless they are geared for speed then the rest is pointless.

The fsg on the intel is quicker than the Amd's, my current rig is amd, but i might me switching to intel as their is more gaming speed to be made.

  HXP 02:04 06 Mar 2004


Just got a Mesh 3.2 AMD and it's quick - I know that's a bit subjective but with 1 gb ram and a geoforce 5950 it runs everything I have at high res. Have seen a mate's 3.0 pentium and I will stick with AMD cost v performance.

Read lots of reviews and I don't think there is any advantage to Pentium. I used the money I saved ( over Intel )by upping the ram which i think = better performance choice.

All subjective but hope it helps ?


  BIG ben strikes again!!! 13:18 06 Mar 2004

go with him,go with him,hes totally right!

  961 13:28 06 Mar 2004

The arguments are all a bit pointless because once you get up to the speed of the processors you are talking about unless you happen to be NASA trying to get the spaceship to Mars then the software to stretch your processor hasn't been written yet

After that it comes down to value for money and since AMD always seems to be £££'s cheaper than Intel then there really is no argument

The technical answer to Goblet is that it really depends which piece of software you are running. Intel processors do better with some and AMD better with others

And remember NASA got to the moon with the processing power of a Sinclair

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