AMD FX-8350 vs Intel 3570K

  Viowithcrailtap 18:20 22 Jul 2013

Hey guys,

My friend is looking replacing his current CPU (which is the 3570K) with the FX-8350 and I was wondering if its a good step for him to go to the 8350?

Now I've read that the 8350 is 8 core but its not 8 physical cores its 4 physical but 2 logical cores to each physical core and my friend is leaning towards the 8350 cause its advertised as 8 core. The main reason he's looking at buying a new CPU is because he's burnt out his 3570K due to poor cooling in his pc during the hot weather here.

He has also looked at the new haswell intel stuff but that will require a new motherboard (so will the amd CPU).

He games quite a lot (mainly Arma 3, BF3, Minecraft) and does lets play videos on YouTube just to let you know what he wants the CPU for.

Any advice or experience would be great. Or better recommendations

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