Is an AMD Dual Core Processor adequate for basic computer needs?

  KiwiLea 11:09 22 Aug 2013

I want to buy the HP 11.6" Netbook as it suits my needs both at home and travelling. However, it has an AMC Dual Core Processor E1-1200 (1.4GHz, IMB L Cache ... whatever that means!!). I have been told that the Intel Dual core processor is better. However, I do not use my computer for any gaming or to watch/download movies. I need it for basic e-mailing, creating documents, some storage of photos but not thousands of them, and possibly downloading music to our stereo. Would the AMD Dual Core processor in this HP Netbook be sufficient for my needs?

  The Kestrel 11:49 22 Aug 2013

I am posting this comment with an Acer 11.6" netbook with an AMD dual core processor. It will do all the things you require quite easily. This netbook has been to New Zealand and various European countries and has worked without problems everywhere.

One suggestion I would make is that you ensure the netbook you buy has at least 4GB of RAM and runs a full version of windows. The cheaper versions generally only come with 1GB of RAM and don't run full versions of windows. If they do have a full version of windows with 1GB of RAM they will struggle to run the operating system.

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