AMD CPU's price going up!

  Joe McG 21:58 27 Jul 2003

I am shortly upgrading to an athlon 2800xp.

2 weeks ago the average price in, the four online retailers i buy from, was £128 for the retail pack.

Today the price is £142.

Memory prices have took a steep hike in the last few weeks or so, as well.

Have i missed any announcements recently?

It has been a long while since i have seen cpu prices rise.

Anyone any idea what's going on?

  3Toed 22:24 27 Jul 2003

Not sure Joe.The athlon xp2600 333fsb has been lowered over the last few months,and its stayed lower(i know its moving into the 'older' generation now,but its still a cracking proccessor).
I take it you mean the 'barton'2800 on overclockers and suchlike-nice proccessor,not been watching that one,but hope it doesnt go higher for you.

  mistagf 22:34 27 Jul 2003

Great minds think alike...

Hi Joe -

Funnily enough bought the very same chip almost 2 weeks ago for £122 OEM from ebuyer.

Just looked and it's the same price!

...fools seldom differ!

  Joe McG 19:18 28 Jul 2003


I agree that the oem price is the same, but i would like to be more secure with the three year warranty, with the retail box, rather than the basic one year with oem.

Also by the time you buy a decent h/s and fan, the prices are almost the same.

3Toed, sorry bud, i agree with what you are saying about the xp2600, but its the barton core i would really like.

In video-editing it's reckoned to be up to 40% faster.

  Gaz 25 19:54 28 Jul 2003

£111 for me.

  Gaz 25 19:55 28 Jul 2003

Last time it was £125

  Joe McG 20:06 28 Jul 2003

Gaz 25,

Point me towards the£11 pricepoint.

  Joe McG 20:08 28 Jul 2003

Duh, Make that £111,

I just got exited when i saw the price.

  Joe McG 20:47 28 Jul 2003

The price on, has went to over £150.

  DieSse 23:16 28 Jul 2003

Well it's about time they put their prices up and tried to make a profit! No company can go on making large losses for ever.

  TOPCAT® 11:51 29 Jul 2003

Sorry guys! The chips are down. TC.

click here TC.

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