Amd & Radeon Or Intel & Nvidia ?

  Smg1984 21:48 05 May 2014

Don't want to go over £850 but trying to get a gaming pc built was looking at a amd 6300 or 8350 with a radeon r9 270x but now i am thinking of a intel i5 4670k with a nvidia gtx 760.

What i really want to know is the more expensive intel/Nvidia set up worth it or will gaming performance be very close?

Want to play games like:

Rome 2 Total War

Planetside 2

World Of Tanks

War Thunder Ground Forces


Guild Wars 2

Diablo 3

Etc all in high to ultra settings

Looking to get the PC from Dino Pc or Cyber Power or Pc Specialist ?

Also is it worth getting a bigger than needed psu just for future upgrades etc.


  Menzie 13:42 06 May 2014

With the consoles looming system requirements have expectedly gone up. On the Intel side I am seeing the i7 in the case of Intel or 8350 in the case of AMD pop up a lot. An i5 or 8320 should still be adequate in most cases.

I currently have the AMD FX 8320 paired with a Geforce 660 which seems to just about match the recommended specs for upcoming titles like Watchdog.

Both the 270 and the 760 are good cards but the 760 is ever so slightly faster in most titles. Several developers have signed up for Mantle and with the new consoles all running AMD hardware this may change but at the moment the 760 appears to be the better card for the money.

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