Bald Eagle 08:01 05 Dec 2003

Not a complaint as such or a "knocking the company" thread, which I know isn't allowed. I ordered 2 books from Amazon on November 27th. and it was only when I got my confirmation e mail that I found out that the delivery wouldn't be for nearly a fortnight. This mornings update shows them as not being despatched yet. Perhaps naively I thought that internet companies were super efficient but it appears they sold me the books knowing they weren't in stock. As it is, no problem, but I shall be more careful next time finding out delivery schedules.

  Stuartli 08:26 05 Dec 2003

Has amazon already taken payment for the books?

It should not do so until the goods are despatched, which would give you the opportunity to cancel the order if you wish.

I have always found amazon to be right on the ball in every respect and adds excellent prices to the receipe.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:31 05 Dec 2003

When you placed the order, what did the availability notice say? Amazon usually say something like "usually dispatched withing 24 hours" or "usually dispatched in 7-8 days" (at least that is what I get when I search for a book that is not easily found in the shops).

As sturartli says, if they are not yet dispatched, you are free to cancel your order - the Amazon system is very efficient for cancelling /amending / combining orders.

  Bald Eagle 08:22 08 Dec 2003

Still promised for tomorrow, still not despatched. Will contact them tomorrow if not delivered. I was in York yesterday and could have bought them at the same price.

  Bald Eagle 07:54 09 Dec 2003

Still not despatched but date of delivery changed to 9 - 11 December. Will now await delivery rather than cancel, will not be using them again in a hurry. All I ordered were two bog standard French books. Will now try to find how to contact them to query the problem. Please notice no histrionics, multiple !!!!!! marks etc. I am trying to be fair with them.

  Southernboy 15:21 09 Dec 2003

have just had an Amazon delivery date extended. I think it does happen through no fault of their own. Their delivery dates often assume their wholesaler has them in stock, and occasionally, this is not the case.

I have always found their service to be first rate and, unlike many online dealers, their customer service is also first rate.

  kbo64 16:01 09 Dec 2003

G'day All,
I notice that this is a comon thing with book sellers, especially W.H. S***h.
Not knowing the titles you want, see if there is a Zshop or Market place seller with the titles you want. They are obligated to send the title out in a day or 2, where as Amazon can send it out when they can be bothered.

Best wishes

  Stuartli 09:21 10 Dec 2003

Just noticed on the amazon website that it is now too late for Christmas delivery for a particular make and screen size of TFT monitor.

Yet it's still only the 10th of the month...:-)

  Bald Eagle 10:13 10 Dec 2003

Now marked as "items despatching soon" still down for delivery 9 - 11 December.

  MLewis 16:43 10 Dec 2003

I have used Amazon a lot over the last few weeks and I have to say that I have found them very good. I have had all my goods within the time limit that they said they would be here. I can prasie them enough

  spuds 19:31 10 Dec 2003

As stated by Southernboy, I have also found Amazon Customer Services first rate. Wanted a special cd, which the Amazon UK outlet was having difficulty with. They them sourced it from Amazon USA.Very happy customer.

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