Amazon won't stop charging my closed account

  Yanni0226 03:09 27 Jul 2018

I opened a seller account on Amazon a while ago back in around January this year. I closed my account in April however, since I found it quite unfair that Amazon was still charging me £30 a month while I wasn't posting anything to sell on my store. I'm pretty sure that my account has been closed because I haven't been able to gain access to it in any way. I also received an email on the day I requested to close my account, saying that the website would take action in 24 hours and that my account would be completely deleted afterwards. However I've recently just found out that Amazon hasn't stopped charging my bank account by £30 each month. I've been to the bank and I've contacted Amazon's seller service and I've not received anything back so far. It's been months now so I'm just wondering if anyone could give some advice to stop this unreasonable charge.

  wiganken2 12:26 27 Jul 2018

If they are charging by direct debit or standing order then cancel them at you bank or online banking. If they are charging to your credit card then talk to the card issuer first to see if the recurring charge can be stopped and, if not, then ask your issuer to close the card account. I do not mean ask for a replacement card because the charge will carry over to the replacement. Then apply for a new credit card.

  Forum Editor 15:16 29 Jul 2018

Did you comply fully with the account closure conditions?

Amazon seller accounts are not closed until 90 days after the last sale, in case the AtoZ guarantee needs to be invoked.

If you did all that, and the bank mandate is still operating you need to cancel the mandate immediately, and contact: [email protected]

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