Amazon spoof or phish attempt

  jack 10:56 24 Feb 2010

An E-mail purporting to come from Amazone came in yesterday- confirming an 'order accpetance'.and quoting an order number and a response link.

As I have nothing outstanding with Amazon this is an abvoius 'try on'

I Emailed Amazon customer support, and this is their response


Dear Customer

Thank you for writing to

I am sorry for any confusion or inconvenience caused in this regard.

On looking into your enquiry, I understand that, you have received an order confirmation email for an order.

On regard to your email, I have checked our records and can confirm that you have not placed any recent orders with or with

Please be informed that, the order number provided also an incorrect order number. The Order number starts with 026, 203 or 736 with SEVENTEEN digits on the whole.

Moreover, the e-mail you received did not originate from or from and we had no part in it or its content.

We understand your concerns regarding the e-mail message you received. We are also very concerned about the
implications of this message and the misappropriated use of our name,and we are currently investigating this situation.

For further information on identifying and reporting false ('spoof' or 'phishing') e-mails you can view the following help page:

click here

Avoid giving any information about yourself back to the e-mail that you received (especially any credit or debit card numbers or personal information). Additionally, it’s not advisable to click on any links or attachments in a spam e-mail as this could install a virus on your PC.

As this order was not placed on your account, you will not see it listed there. You can be certain that your account information was not compromised.

If you encounter any other uses of the or indeed, the name that you think may be fraudulent, we would be grateful if you contacted us again. The Internet is a large and fairly unregulated universe; it is only through our constant vigilance and with the help of others like yourself that we can ensure that our name is not misappropriated for illegitimate uses.

Moreover, I have forwarded this to the relevant department for further investigation on this regard.

Rest assured that you have not placed any recent orders with or with and you are not been charged for it.

I hope that I have been able to alleviate your concerns.

Thank you again for alerting us to this situation.

Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:
click here

If no, please click here:
click here

Please note: this e-mail was sent from an address that cannot accept incoming e-mail.
To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit the Help section of our website.

Warmest regards

Bharath S.
We strive to be Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company. Your feedback helps us build it.

---- Original message: ----

02/23/10 08:54:02
Your name:johnash
Comments:For your information
A security issue - may be
On opening the SPAM folder ,my account on ISP server a mail purporting from Amazon saying
Order 4909283918 has been accepted.
I have no outstanding purchases or communication with you at this time, so this must be considered to be a SPAM SCAM attempt.

  961 12:24 24 Feb 2010

This emphasises how important it is not to click on links in e-mails

I guess many of us Amazon customers have in the past clicked on the link provided on Amazon e-mails to allow us to check progress of an order

Regardless of how authentic the e-mails appear we shouldn't really use these links

  Input Overload 12:24 24 Feb 2010

Noted, thanks. I will pass this on to a email list of non PC savvy PC users.

  Tonsie 15:10 24 Feb 2010

Many thanks jack.Noted,I use Amazon often.
Regards Tonsie

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