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  User-AAE8A2A1-F803-4ACB-B9F96B4C0B5B570C 19:30 12 Nov 2003

Placed my first order with Amazon on sunday. The order was delivered in 2 parts, the first arriving on Monday and the balance on Tuesday. A pat on the back for both Amazon and Royal Mail.

  Patr100 22:28 12 Nov 2003

Godd but I'm still waiting for my first ever order on their free delivery offer from Amazon. Estimated delivery was last week. Probably stuck in the PO strike backlog.

  Patr100 22:29 12 Nov 2003

Godd? I meant good! Godd can't help me get it any faster.

  TheTerminator 22:59 12 Nov 2003

i had 2 orders placed this weekend - fri pm on the free 5 day delivery and on sat pm on the first class order. The fist class order arrived on monday, and the slow one came on tue.
Very impressed!

  Muzziad 09:13 13 Nov 2003

Their customer service is also excellent. I recently had cause to return faulty goods, I e-mailed them with the fault report on a Friday, they replied asking me to return the goods for replacement. On the Monday morning the replacement had arrived, even though I had not even had time to go to the Post Office and send back the faulty original.

If they keep this level of service up i'll be buying from them whenever possible.

  mikef. 21:28 13 Nov 2003

Muzziad exactly the same with me recently replacement arrived before I could return the faulty goods, not thier fault, a sealed 10 CD collection with no CD10 but 2 CD8's.

Plus order on Tuesday Afternoon on the free delivery and the email confirming it had been sent today.

  rickf 21:35 13 Nov 2003

I agree. Excellent service. Started ordering from them a few weeks ago and three more items since. Everything arrived on time and you are kept informed all the way with very polite emails.

  Patr100 21:40 13 Nov 2003

Boo Hoo! I had to check my order online to try to see whats happening. Still not clear.It doesn't even look as if my books have been dispatched! I think they must be waiting for one or two of them to come into stock. I haven't have any emails about any delay or anything.

  TheTerminator 22:13 13 Nov 2003

tehre is a setting you can click on, which means that they will wait for all orders to be instock before it is dispatched to save money - or you can get extra deliveries at higher cost as and when things come in stock. it sounds to me that you have gone for the cheap "wait for everything to be in stock" to me...

  Patr100 23:09 13 Nov 2003

Yes I have as it's over £25 or I would have to pay the postage if it's split up.

  lex_davies 00:39 14 Nov 2003

As a regular Amazon user for the past year or two, i think they offer what Internet shopping was made for. Convenience, security, reliability and a 1st class customer service. If on line stores such as Tesco, Argos and others offered the same sort of service as Amazon then I'm sure high street shopping will become a thing of the past. I haven't bought a CD, DVD or Book in the high street for ages as i do all my shopping for those at Amazon. While some on line stores such as and offer a better range of products for Photo & Electronics they still have a long way to go to compare themselves to Amazon for customer service and delivery slots.

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