Is Amazon Prime worth it to you?

  Lorraine Baines-McFly 11:50 30 Jul 2017

Yes to me. Others?

  Gordon Freeman 12:45 30 Jul 2017

Up until recently I would have said 'no'...but I was offered it at a discounted price (£59 for the year) instead of the normal £79. Ordered something Friday; it arrived yesterday - free delivery; so in this regard, superb. Unfortunately I don't have the time to wade though all the Amazon TV/Prime stuff but am sure there's something of value there for others.

  wee eddie 13:29 30 Jul 2017

No TV at home, few online purchases, eBay appears to offer better value when it comes to the goods I do buy on-line.

Groceries online: ~ As the Supermarkets appear to be unable to select items that are either ripe or ready to ripen, to put on their shelves, why should I expect them to do that for me.

By-the-by: How our Government expects the Hoi-Polloi to eat 5 portions of fruit a day, when the Primary Source of that fruit, sells products that are picked so early that they will never ripen and are like bullets. Most of the population has never eaten a ripe apple or pear.

  Old Deuteronomy 16:44 30 Jul 2017

I am not in the least interested in Amazon Video, rarely need Amazon purchases delivered quickly and on the few occasions I do they are often from third party sellers, notwithstanding I have been moving away from Amazon for many online purchases I used to go to Amazon for, especially if they are items restricted to Prime members only. So the answer is no.

  Pine Man 17:21 30 Jul 2017

The only real benefit would be if you use a Kindle because the books are loaned to you free of charge rather than you buying them outright.

  Lorraine Baines-McFly 18:20 30 Jul 2017

Mr Freeman

I had the same deal. I was sceptical at first, I just didn't realise how much I was spending on the site.

From Barcode Scanners to Cat food, I have already recouped the yearly outlay since early July in delivery charges.

As to the streaming content, apart from the "Man in the high castle" it is limited compared to Netfilx.

  Govan1x 18:47 30 Jul 2017

Same as Old Deuteronomy no longer use it since they started charging. Get the same goods from ebay sometimes cheaper with free delivery.

Mind you we will start getting asked if buying a bus ticket or train ticket is worth it.

It is only worth it if you are a constant user the same with trains etc.

  Menzie 18:51 30 Jul 2017

For me no, as Netflix is good enough, plus everything I've ordered from Amazon comes the next day anyway.

Where I am their distribution centre is down the road, so once it gets into the hands of the courier it is back on a van and out for delivery the following day.

  Lorraine Baines-McFly 18:58 30 Jul 2017

For me no, as Netflix is good enough.

Very good,

  qwbos 22:40 30 Jul 2017

Definitely not. I don't buy all that much from Amazon, but I've had a couple of free month trials and both have been hellish. On one occasion, I ordered components for a PC. Instead of the promised next day delivery, they came in dribs and drabs over the next 5 days, including a processor that came from Spain via Germany. I've had items sent from Glenrothes that have tracked heading down to west of London despite me living about 150 miles north of Glenrothes. The total mileage came to nearly 900 if I remember correctly.

I didn't derive any benefit. Only a lot of disappointment and frustration. Amazon offered me an extra free month as compensation.

The other frustration with Amazon is the threatening auto generated email if they decide you've returned too many items. The majority of items that I've returned have been due to them arriving damaged or faulty.

I had lengthy discussions with a senior complaints handler regarding goods received damaged due to poor packaging. I was able to forward photographs showing damage and how it had occurred to such good effect that she gave me the maximum compensation she was allowed on that order, then went back and had a look at previous orders to see how she could discount them and give me more cash back.

Then a month or so later, having ordered nothing else, a dumb computer program decided I'd been naughty and warranted a warning.

Like many other things, it's fine when it works, but.....

  Border View 23:33 30 Jul 2017

Had Prime a couple of years. Use it all the time. Including Amazon Firestick, lots of "free" films to watch. I have had more than £79 worth of next day deliveries. Customer service excellent. Speak as you find.

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