Amazon Prime

  morddwyd 10:13 23 Nov 2014

My Amazon Prime membership has just come up for renewal.

I was a bit surprised to note that it has gone up to £79!

I don't think so. You need a lot of free postage to justify that sort of expenditure (I don;t use the video or music options)

  Forum Editor 07:26 24 Nov 2014

My subscription was also due for renewal recently, and - like you - I didn't think the new rate was value for money. I haven't renewed.

  BT 08:10 24 Nov 2014

Seems to me to be a bit of a con. It was originally for unlimited postage but now seems to be aimed at the Video/Music option, which is a waste if you only want the postage option.

You also have to careful as the Postage selection options when you place an order make easy to select the wrong option by mistake and choose the Prime sign up as my wife did last week. She managed to cancel it but could have ended up paying it with our preselected Credit Card option.

As others have said the SuperSaver delivery suits us most times and the items usually arrive well within the time frame, usually within a couple of days.

  HondaMan 11:58 24 Nov 2014

Agree with the above. Not good value for money!

  spuds 13:22 24 Nov 2014

Possibly nothing at all to do with the intro and Amazon prime. But I have noticed that a number of seller's have started to increase their delivery charge prices. Whether this as anything to do with possible Christmas sales or a general increase in transportation and administration costs, I really would not know.

What I do use on a regular basis with Amazon, is their special 'spend over £10.00' offers on certain items, then receive free delivery (sometimes next day).

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