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Amazon pop ups and non bargains

  john bunyan 14:03 03 Jul 2020

I have noticed recently that if I am looking on the internet to buy something for my wife or I, an Amazon pop up appears even though I have set internet options to block them. How to stop them?

Also , several times I have noticed that Amazon was seriously dearer than others. My wife wanted some hair products:; one was £16 or more on Amazon but £7.99 from manufacturers. Another was £5.49 from Savers and over £16 from Amazon. All for identical products

  x13 20:09 03 Jul 2020

Check site permissions in your browser. On my browser, on the Amazon site, I click on the padlock in the address bar that gives a link to the site's permissions. Pop-ups are blocked by default.

As for costs going up I have noticed it since covid.

P.S. just checked Malwarebytes and got an update that had to close it and restart it.

  john bunyan 22:50 03 Jul 2020


Thanks. Will check MBAM on PC’s tomorrow- on IPhone at the mo

  Secret-Squirrel 08:52 04 Jul 2020

............if I am looking on the internet to buy something for my wife or I, an Amazon pop up appears.............

That doesn't sound right John. A rogue browser-extension or adware infection could be the cause.

Do you get the same pop-ups if you retrace your steps in a different browser? If you don't then let me know the name of the browser where you get this problem.

  john bunyan 12:09 04 Jul 2020


Thanks. I was using IE 11 at that time ; a dinasaur but am trying to use Chrome or new Edge. The pop up appears in top left as an Amazon dialogue box. I’m pretty good at running MBAM Premium . Am on an iPhone now but will recheck later and also run ADWCLEANER. Also will look on laptop to see if it’s there. Thanks again

  john bunyan 12:58 04 Jul 2020


Ran ADWCleaner on desktop. Indeed it found a lot of Amazon PUPs etc, several categories - over 20 . Very naughty of Amazon. Any suggestions on stopping them recurring as I use Amazon quite a bit. I have MBAM Premium that I've just updated and use Defender. Is it worth using Superantispyware that I used to use? I thought that was mainly to report stuff rather than stop it?

  john bunyan 13:20 04 Jul 2020

Had not run Superantispyware for ages, It found 3 tracking cookies (via Google etc)

  x13 13:36 04 Jul 2020

Check Windows Defender under App & browser control - reputation based protection and reputation based protection settings that both boxes are ticked for 'Potentially unwanted app blocking'.

Get rid of IE11 .

  wee eddie 14:16 04 Jul 2020

can one assume that you're using Google for your search?

  john bunyan 14:23 04 Jul 2020


Yes sir I am trying to stop IE11!!

wee eddie

Yes: Google.

I have now updated MBAM Premium on laptop as well. Ran ADWCleaner on it and, like the desktop, it found Amazon stuff and quarantined it.

Will follow up. Thanks both

  john bunyan 14:27 04 Jul 2020

Checked both boxes ticked. Interested in preventing Amazon putting PUP's on. Have Unchecky and MBAM Premium

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