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Amazon Poor Customer Service

  Salamander7 12:40 29 Jul 2019

Around three weeks ago my Amazon Prime Account was hacked and approx. £140.00 worth of gift cards and software downloads were fraudulently bought using my debit card which is saved in my Amazon Prime account. I reported it on the day it happened by phoning Amazon and my bank. The bank immediately cancelled my Debit Card card and Amazon sent me an email telling me an unauthorized person had gained access to my account, telling me to change password etc and stating money would be refunded if appropriate. To cut a long story short, the money for the software downloads (approx. £42) has been refunded but not £80.00 of gift cards. I phoned Amazon Customer Service repeatedly and they tell me they are sorry but they don't have the power to refund the gift cards. They say they will contact "the Accounts Team" and they will get back to me which they never do. I did, however receive two emails from the "Accounts Team" both of them identical in every word to the email I first got when I first reported the incident, so in other words they were telling me my account had been accessed by an unauthorized person etc. I was alarmed by these two emails but comforted because I knew there was no valid card in the account for any fraudster to use. So despite approximately six phone calls and three online "chat session", Amazon will not tell me why my £80.00 has not been refunded nor will they confirm my account has been hacked twice more following the initial incident. Over the weekend I wrote a firmly worded email to them but of course there has been no response. What can I do next?

  Salamander7 16:00 30 Aug 2019

Hi everyone. Just to update you. The Jeff Bezos idea was reasonably successful since I got an apology from the "Accounts Team". Their explanation regarding the missing refund was still unclear but at least they acknowledged their service was not of the required standard. I still don't feel I can trust them with my debit card so my Prime Membership unfortunately wont be renewed which is rather annoying.

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