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Amazon Poor Customer Service

  Salamander7 12:40 29 Jul 2019

Around three weeks ago my Amazon Prime Account was hacked and approx. £140.00 worth of gift cards and software downloads were fraudulently bought using my debit card which is saved in my Amazon Prime account. I reported it on the day it happened by phoning Amazon and my bank. The bank immediately cancelled my Debit Card card and Amazon sent me an email telling me an unauthorized person had gained access to my account, telling me to change password etc and stating money would be refunded if appropriate. To cut a long story short, the money for the software downloads (approx. £42) has been refunded but not £80.00 of gift cards. I phoned Amazon Customer Service repeatedly and they tell me they are sorry but they don't have the power to refund the gift cards. They say they will contact "the Accounts Team" and they will get back to me which they never do. I did, however receive two emails from the "Accounts Team" both of them identical in every word to the email I first got when I first reported the incident, so in other words they were telling me my account had been accessed by an unauthorized person etc. I was alarmed by these two emails but comforted because I knew there was no valid card in the account for any fraudster to use. So despite approximately six phone calls and three online "chat session", Amazon will not tell me why my £80.00 has not been refunded nor will they confirm my account has been hacked twice more following the initial incident. Over the weekend I wrote a firmly worded email to them but of course there has been no response. What can I do next?

  bremner 10:12 11 Aug 2019

Guardian article - no mention at all about children.

  Forum Editor 15:58 11 Aug 2019

I have found a link.

The Chinese owner of the Foxconn factory in the city of Hengyang employed students aged between 16 and 18 to boost production over a two-month peak period. He has been breaking Chinese labour laws on overtime payments. In China it is legal to employ people aged 16, but they must not work nights, or overtime. No mention of any children working for nothing, though.

Foxconn admitted it had broken labour laws, and said it was taking immediate steps to fix the problem. Under no circumstances, will interns [be] allowed to work overtime or nights in future. Reading between the lines, it seems to be the students' teachers who have a vested interest in encouraging their pupils to do this work. My experience of working with Chinese companies (which isn't extensive) is that most assembly line workers are pretty keen to supplement low wages in any way they can, and greedy employers exploit that need. It's somewhat easier for them to do that in a Communist regime, because although Chinese workers are guaranteed a raft of protective measures under China's employment legislation, their rights are not always properly enforced outside of the major cities. It's the old story - Local authorities are starved of funds and properly trained people to ensure compliance.

  Pine Man 16:00 11 Aug 2019

'Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story'.

  Salamander7 18:33 13 Aug 2019

Hi just an update. The dgurr email address doesn't work so my carefully composed email will not be read by anyone but Customer Service who I CC'd. Still don't know why they didn't refund the money. I realize by now they never will I just want to know why. I don't think that is too much to ask.

  Salamander7 20:26 13 Aug 2019

Thanks for the response. Do you have an email for Jeff Bezos? I note the reply that mentioned Jeff has disappeared.

  Forum Editor 23:01 13 Aug 2019

You can email Jeff Bezos:- [email protected]

He has said that he reads lots of customer complaints, but he doesn't respond personally. If your email is one of the lucky ones he may forward it to a senior executive with no text, but a single ?

Anyone at Amazon who gets one of those from Jeff knows that he or she must drop whatever they are doing and sort the problem out. Don't hold your breath though.

While you're waiting for a response, why don't you email customer service and tell them that your complaint is getting quite a readership on our web site? Include a link to this thread - You never know, it just might provoke some action.

  Salamander7 21:29 18 Aug 2019

Thanks for the info. I have emailed Jeff Bezos and will report back if anything new happens. :)

  hastelloy 11:39 19 Aug 2019

Jeff Bezos email address - [email protected]

  hastelloy 11:40 19 Aug 2019

Should have read the rest of the post!

  Protos 16:06 27 Aug 2019

Is this real ? (for the address of Bezos)

I'm gonna have a try also

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