Amazon Phone Number?

  [DELETED] 23:54 10 Dec 2003

If you want to order from Amazon fine, if you ever want to speak to a human being about a problem with your order then life becomes just a tad difficult. Can anyone tell me Amazons Phone number preferably one which a human being will answer?

I e-mailed them today about Parcel Force leaving a card saying they could not deliver even though I was in the house,in my study about three paces from the front door. Perhaps their training doesn't cover using door bells.(I paid £5.85 first class post for this service)

Amazon reply: ...we find the service offered by Parcel force to be excellent and this is primarily the reason why we are using their services... In addition to our large selection of goods, one of the benefits we'd like to offer our customers is convenience... they finish by looking forward to my continuing custom.

Has anyone found a way of communicating with Amazon so that they actually address the issues you contacted them about.

  [DELETED] 08:02 11 Dec 2003

"Parcel Force leaving a card saying they could not deliver even though I was in the house,"

Why talk to Amazon? They contracted the work to Parcel Force - what are Amazon going to do about it?

Talk to Parcel Force instead!!!

click here

If you wish to contact us at our registered office the address is: Royal Mail Group plc
148 Old Street


Parcelforce Worldwide enquiries and collections

08708 50 11 50

0830 - 1830 Monday - Friday

Please note that this helpline is not available on UK Public or Bank Holidays.

If you bought food in a supermarket and it wasn't fresh - who would you complain to? The food maker or the supermarket?

I think you'll have a job getting a number for Amazon as more and more retailers prefer to do this stuff by e-mail...

  Bald Eagle 08:11 11 Dec 2003

O dear,

Just been e mailed that my books (from Amazon, see my thread) have been despatched using Parcel Force. I too have had the same service from them, chasing the van down the street on one occasion. I have before now not ordered from a web site because they state that they use Parcel Force.

  Stuartli 09:00 11 Dec 2003

ParcelForce in our area (Lancashire/Merseyside border) provides a first class service.....

  [DELETED] 09:07 11 Dec 2003

Never had a problem with them myself...

  [DELETED] 10:04 11 Dec 2003

Never had a problem with Amazon or Parcel Force either - - just my 2 penneth.

  [DELETED] 10:38 11 Dec 2003

Amazon CSD can be reached on 0800 279 6620

Only had to call a couple of times in the last few years, but the staff have always been very helpful.

  [DELETED] 12:44 11 Dec 2003

Have had this problem with amazon before, if you need to find a number to contact them it's impossible...the ONLY place they publish their CSD contact number is on their invoices. It's pathetic that they cant have it on their website at least somewhere. I even tried using one of the 118 numbers to try and obtain the number above and got put through to Amazon recruitment agency even though the guy must have known this wasn't what i was after. nice :-)

  [DELETED] 14:12 11 Dec 2003

Jester2K II and all,

Thanks for your input I did speak to Parcel Force it was like trying to skip through treacle hence wanting Amazon to take the issue up with them, fat chance!!

I for one am becoming disillusioned with Web Shopping 95% of the time it works well but if you ever want to communicate with the firm the difficulties make the high street look very attractive.

  [DELETED] 20:58 11 Dec 2003

Parcel Farce placed a card through my door saying that the package had been placed through a window in my garage.

I have no garage.

The shed can only be accessed by opening a double barred gate and walking around the back of the house.
The package was in the shed, on the floor having been pushed through a window 7 ft up.

The driver clearly trespassed. What if the package contained fragile goods?

  logoff 21:10 15 Dec 2003

just a note -I have used Amazon for about 5 years regularly. Two items, during this time, have gone missing through the post -reported both by e-mail to Amazon. Both replaced with no problem or argument.

Maybe they don't want phone-calls!!

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