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  iqs 22:37 23 Oct 2007

Hi All,

I have just gone to AMAZON,only to be presented with a new web page layout.It is completely different to their original page.
Has AMAZON changed their web sire,or have I been diverted to a wake AMAZON web site.I am always cautious with web sites where I use my bank details.Any help appreciated .Thanks

  FatboySlim71 22:47 23 Oct 2007

I went on earlier today and it appeared different than usual, but I have just went back on to it now and it seems to have returned to normal.

  iqs 22:56 23 Oct 2007


I have gone back and checked AMAZON,the web page has reverted back to their original layout.Very strange???.Thanks for your comments.

Just noticed my typing errors.... :-( Must learn how to type



  FatboySlim71 23:05 23 Oct 2007

lol we all have typing errors especially at this time of night :-) you were right to be cautious it does pay to be careful.

  Themaestro023 06:20 24 Oct 2007

They tried a different layout for a day or two and asked for comments. Obviously the comments were not good, hence they have gone back to the original layout. JB

  €dstowe 06:35 24 Oct 2007

I thought their new layout was rubbish - and I told them so as they asked.

  lisa02 10:09 24 Oct 2007

I thought it was ok actually, though they didn't ask my opinion. :(

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