Amazon Marketplace (again!)

  morddwyd 07:56 01 Oct 2010

Once again Amazon are let down by their marketplace sellers, this time Discount Satellite Navigation Ltd.

I ordered some "in stock for immediate despatch" software from this company, specifying, and paying extra for, express delivery.

The order was acknowledged on 16 Sep, my account debited on 20th., but with no sign of the order by 26th, ten days after acknowledgement, I cancelled the order.

No problem getting a prompt refund, but I suspect goods were not in stock, or ever despatched.

Why do Amazon persist with these sort of traders?

They not only let their own reputation down, but also make people reluctant to order from their other, trustworthy, Marketplace sellers.

Incidentally, following my cancellation I ordered the software, also in stock, from a company called
"duragadget" (not Amazon).

However when I got to the checkout page I found I was making a payment to Discount Satellite Navigation Ltd.

Obviously I cancelled, but be warned!

  wiz-king 08:04 01 Oct 2010

"Why do Amazon persist with these sort of traders?"
They wont if they are told, if people complain to Amazon I'm sure they will soon remove the trader, it is in their interest to do so.

Have you? *grin*

  morddwyd 08:38 01 Oct 2010


  Big L 266 08:53 01 Oct 2010


I ordered some software from User Friendly Software (an on-line Amazon supplier not directly through Amazon) which duly arrived.I installed it,but it wouldn't work properly.Even contacting the UK manufacturer failed to resolve the problem and said to return it to the seller for a refund.

I contacted the seller )via the Amazon emails section) User Friendly Software and said their item was faulty and could I return it please.I got an offensive, insulting and nasty email (one of several) back telling me that I was useless and incompetent and wasn't installing it right. I was also told I was quite cluless,didn't read the instruction book,didn't do this or that or something else.I was further told no refunds would be issued for software even when faulty.I was offered someone to come all the way to install the item properly and that I would be charged for doing so.Treating like-for-like I wrote in equally nasty terms and read this lot the riot act on several fronts.I also contacted Consumer Direct and reported this firm (not Amazon) for flouting the Sale Of Goods Act 1979 and have a case number.

I left a one star 'Awful' feedback rating and related my story within the feedback for others who came across this lot to avoid them at all costs and go elsewhere.I then filed a 'Claim For Refund' with Amazon,followed by a call to them to report this firm for their abusive emails and ask for them to be removed as a seller.I spoke to an extremely kind American gentleman who would make sure it would be dealt with.

Later that day,I received a begging email from User Friendly Software.Suddenly they wanted to help me.They even offered to take it back to test it.They even wanted me to remove the 1 star feedback.They even put an address in their email for me to send the product back.Politeness and civility had replaced disgraceful nasty emails.

Ever curious as to where the address was, I 'Googled' it and followed the road to where the address was.It wasn't a shop,or a factory,nor was it a house.The address was in a block of flats in London!I am about to send it back Recorded Mail and this individual can do with it what he wishes.

So yes,I wish Amazon would get rid of 'rogue traders' like this box-room business.I will of course carry on using Amazon as I have done for many years.I won't let this one nasty incident ruin my shopping pleasure.

Big L 266

  wids001 11:36 01 Oct 2010

Funily enough I have never a problem with any Amazon seller until now. This I suppose is more of a gripe.

I ordered 5 CD's from a UK based company and was charged £1.24 for each to cover postage - Fair enough, that is around what Amazon charge.

The difference - Amazon orders seem to always arrive next day. So far, I have received 3 of the 5 CD's (all individually sent)from this seller and they have taken 10 days from the notification of despatch even though they were sent by Royal Mail. I checked back to their postage terms where they state "be patent. Deliveries can take up to 14 days"!

Whar Royal Mail service are they using?

  Big L 266 12:08 01 Oct 2010


wids001....I think for you to have had to pay £1.24 postage & packing per cd is excessive.I also cannot work out why your seller would want to incur extra costs for himself when a multi-purchase is best grouped together for the dual benefit of both seller and customer alike.

When I sold my cd collection some years ago on eBay,I used to charge a lot less than this for my postage and packing and certainly wouldn't've charged you £7.20 for it as you have been by this seller. (I would only have charged a maximum of £2.00) I made a point of costing and factoring the postage and packing 'at cost' prior to placing an item for auction.It seems to me to have been not thought out well and doesn't make great business sense.

I am also at a loss to know which service your seller is using.Once I got paid for my items,I would simply put them in a well-protected jiffy bag,pop down to the Post Office and send them all 1st Class which I did.I had a 100% satisfaction rating and many fine compliments.

I do hope your remaining cds turn up soon.

Big L 266

  Colin 16:47 01 Oct 2010

"Why do Amazon persist with these sort of traders?"

Why do people buy from them? I'm sure the same stuff is available from a known, reputable supplier. Even if they cost a bit more, the lack of hassle would compensate.

  [email protected] 17:03 01 Oct 2010

Because the vast majority of them are genuine sellers.

  morddwyd 17:35 01 Oct 2010

"I'm sure the same stuff is available from a known, reputable supplier. "

But most of them are known, reputable suppliers, in many cases with their own website.

They find it cost effective to have a presence on the very popular Amazon website.

The reason people buy from them is precisely because of the lack of hassle.

Your refund, where rarely required, is backed by Amazon.

I have made many hundreds of purchases from both Amazon and its Market place, but this is only the sedcond time I've had a problem, both with non-delivery of "in-stock" items.

  wids001 21:23 01 Oct 2010

Big L 266

It is dodax. Tonight I received a mailing from them informing me that because of an "inventory error" they don't have the item and have refunded me. Thing is I ordered 5 items, three have arrived. The mailing does not tell me how much the refund is or which item(s) the refund is for!

The discs in question (US Imports) are on sale at Amazon UK in excess of £15 each. Dodax are selling them (new & still sealed) for around £8 - £9. Even so, I will not be using them again as there are many other sellers offering these items at a similar price to them.

Have a look at and see if they have the items and at what price (Postage from USA will probably not be more than what Dodax want!)

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