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  morddwyd 11:39 02 Feb 2013

Yet again Amazon Marketplace fails to live up to its billing

On Thursday I ordered an item from a marketplace seller, via Amazon prime, at 10.00 am, well in time for the advertised “free next day delivery”.

Yesterday morning I logged on to check on the package only to find “Despatching soon”. I finally got an e-mail at 2.47 yesterday afternoon advising me my item had been despatched, 28 hours after the order had been accepted for next day delivery.

As of this morning, 2 days after my order, it is still in Wednesbusry, Staffs (I am in Scotland)

I have had no problem cancelling the order (worth £500+) but was not able to stop it so have been told to refuse delivery. As I will be out all day Monday that should not be a problem!

Now I know, given the vagaries of the weather, and British carriers, that no-one can absolutely guarantee next day delivery, but “Free Next Day Delivery” is one of Amazon’s selling points for its Prime service, and if goods are not even despatched until the following day it is simple misrepresentation to advertise such a service.

Why do Amazon persist in giving these cowboys facilities, detracting from their own reputation, and making customers reluctant to trust genuine, efficient and trustworthy Marketplace sellers? As it is now, Amazon, and/or its Marketplace sellers, have lost £500 worth of business, and probably more in the future.

  tullie 13:15 02 Feb 2013

Never had a problem.

  spuds 13:17 02 Feb 2013

The mystery of deliveries can have many reasons and results. Peoples expectations cannot always be guaranteed.

Last week I ordered a book via Amazon Marketplace, that was coming from America, so I expected a long delivery period. Four days later, a local taxi company doing courier work delivered the packaged item at about 4pm, which was refused "because we were not expecting a book so soon (in fact we had forgotten that we had ordered it), the item was not American postmarked stamped, and the sellers company name on the package was unknown".

After reconsidering 'our mistake', we contacted the USA seller to ask if the order had been furnished in the UK (this as happened before due to import regulations)and we received an instant email response (they must work long hours),we then telephoned the local taxi company, who redelivered the package later the same evening. Apparently the item was sent out straight away by the USA seller via DHL Global, then Home Delivery Services who had a contract for local deliveries in my area with the local taxi company. Now you cannot ask for better than that, from any of the party's involved.

But having said that, I also ordered recently an item from Argos Outlet via eBay that was for next day (estimated) delivery. They (Argos Outlet) provided a tracking number for Yodel (Home Delivery Services) which Yodel tracking refused to accept. Royal Mail also refused to accept the tracking number. Day later Royal Mail refused to deliver the item because 'parcel to big, no one at home'. Long confusing story, but we have an agreement with Royal Mail about deliveries. Eventually we got the item redirected via the local postman, who was complaining that the parcel that size should have been delivered by van. Took nine days, a few telephone calls for that item to be delivered from only 30 miles away, as a next day (estimated) delivery.

At least on this occasion it shows what can and does happen with Amazon, eBay and deliveries, especially from America or a fairly local seller?.

  sunnystaines 18:45 02 Feb 2013

how about this 3rd oct 2012 ordered a small item from china, posted next day and eventually arrived last week, the quarter of a year to get here and not delivery eta of upto 28 days. will have to go back as it was too late maybe another quarter of a year to reach china.

always had prompt delivery from amazon most of them being early.

  Forum Editor 19:13 02 Feb 2013

"Why do Amazon persist in giving these cowboys facilities, detracting from their own reputation, and making customers reluctant to trust genuine, efficient and trustworthy Marketplace sellers?"

Calling people 'Cowboys' because they happen to be Amazon Marketplace sellers is a bit over the top, especially as Amazon clearly states in its Prime membership terms and conditions that "Items sold by third parties or through third-party areas such as Marketplace are NOT eligible for Amazon Prime unless indicated otherwise."

Presumably your item was therefore specially marked as being available for free next day delivery?

I have been an Amazon Prime member since the system started,and I've never experienced delays that weren't indicated. I've always understood that I shouldn't expect the next day delivery guarantee to apply to Marketplace suppliers however.

  Forum Editor 19:14 02 Feb 2013

Transferred to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

  morddwyd 19:32 02 Feb 2013

"through third-party areas such as Marketplace are NOT eligible for Amazon Prime unless indicated otherwise.""

True, but it was indicated otherwise, quite clearly.

This is the third or fourth time I have had a similar problem with Marketplace sellers carrying the "Eligable for Amazon Prime" cachet,hence my query "why do they persist"

In fact, to update, it appears it's their tracking system which is faulty, not Despatch, as the item was delivered at 11.00 am today.

The tracking schedule shows "Arrived Wednesbury 6.58 am, Left Wednesbury 8.26 am, delivered Anstuther, 10.46"

343 (and a half!) miles in 2 hours 20 minutes. Even airmail that would have been going some!

However, all's well that ends well; I've got my package, albeit a day later than promised, but it is winter and it is Scotland so let's not be bloody minded just for the sake of it!

  Forum Editor 19:53 02 Feb 2013

That's good news, I'm pleased to learn that all is well.

  tigertop2 12:25 03 Feb 2013

My experience of ordering anything via Amazon is that the process is only as good as the delivery driver service allows it to be. I had a very bad experience for the second time with a delivery company after ordering an expensive item which was despatched for 'next day delivery' very promptly and competently by the selling company.

Trouble was the carrier company was simply not up to it and despite emails and phone calls to their local and national offices continued to try delivering to an empty house at the wrong address.

In the end I refused the order by phone as it had had still not reached me at the 3rd attempt

Now I check who the carrier is before I purchase

  finerty 13:25 03 Feb 2013

since the end of 2012 and 2013 i have noticed amazon being and acting silly billy's. My delivers and email notifications are getting longer despite if i use amazon themselves or their market traders. Personally i think they are being lazy. I live in Pinner and yet they have been taking longer for updates to delivery and longer time scales t deliver items.

  beeuuem 03:00 04 Feb 2013

Amazon offer a free trial of Amazon Prime. Having signed up I used it for a 'selected item' one day delivery - once. The 'one day' delivery took six days.

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