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  morddwyd 20:20 30 Nov 2011

Just bought an electrical appliance from Amazon Marketplace.

It came from Germany, and had the normal mainland two pin (Shuko) plug fitted, but a three pin UK adaptor was included.

Unfortunately this adaptor was a non-earthed type and while the plug would not fit the adaptor, it was capable of easy modification, and could have been dangerous.

I advised both Amazon and the supplier of this (telling them I did not require any action as I already had a number of the proper adaptors).

The German supplier replied thanking me very much, advising that they were checking the rest of their stock, and refunding me £5 for my trouble, which I had not expected.

Amazon, on the other hand, said it was nothing to do with them, as all Marketplace dealers are independent, which I think we all know anyway.

Question is, are they right, or do Amazon have any responsibility here?

After all, the whole transaction, from search to order to payment, took place via their website, as would any return had one been necessary.

My own view is that in the particular circumstances of the Amazon Marketplace they do have some responsibility for their traders, but I'd be interested to hear other views.

Please note I'm not seeking advice on what to do, the matter is over as far as I'm concerned, just asking for other opinions.

I know the FE has some considerable expertise in consumer law so hope he has time to reply!

  spuds 22:45 30 Nov 2011

I use Amazon MarketPlace on a daily basis, and when I have had a problem (very few on many transactions) Amazon have always come to the rescue, usually immediately.

The only slight concern that I had recently, was the terms and conditions of a Amazon 'Partner' company/seller on the Channel Isles, plus their delivery times. It appeared that the whole system dealt direct with the 'Partner' and not Amazon direct.

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